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  1. What are the uses for the eight 2wire cables with female connectors? I don't see what these are used for or where they are supposed to connect! They are not well described in the owner manual and the people that answer the phone for Coolermaster seem clueless about the Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Case. Anyone have the answer? The manual shows B, C, D, and E on page 17 as Fan LED cable 2pin but I don't see those letters on the diagrams. Where are the eight LEDs? Where do the 2pin females cables connect? Why aren't instructions for this given in the manual? The screws to mount the motherboard (M3*5) are very similar to screws with different threads and there are no good instructions to avoid mixing up these screws. The screws to mount the motherboard should be made a different color and described in the manual to avoid problems. The instructions for mounting the MasterCool 240 liquid cooler to this case are very poor and very inadequate. The bracket for LGA 2066 required enlargement of the holes to fit an EVGA X299 DARK motherboard!
  2. My Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition has eight wires with two pin connectors, but these aren't mentioned in the manual that came with the case. My EVGA X299 DARK motherboard does not have any plugs for two pin connectors. What are they for and how do I activate them? Where do these 2 Pin connectors connect on the Cosmos Case? I assume they are for LEDs is that correct? Thank you.