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  1. We sell Coolermasters Full line up and none of my stackers, Silver or black are dented... and i kkep the side windows and crossflow fans in stock
  2. Took me alot of time but Looks really cool
  3. Here's my stacker case I just shipped it back to toronto from Edmonton and I just got the new stacker window, Coolermaster you guys rock again with another winning product.... keep up the good work
  4. Here's a good pic of my case that was first showin at Fragaploosa 2004 sponsored by coolermaster with the retail stacker window.....
  5. Check out my website my specs and lots of pics are there
  6. see the first Botom screw holding the controler, take them out and install the rails in the stock holes put the bay in and line the first screw holes with the side of the case it will than fit... all you need it the one screw on each side to hold it in... trust me i know my stacker is fully loaded check my site