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    Grump's Wave

    Grump :: Looking Great on the Work giving people new hope to PC Mod's Keep up the Great work. I will Send you a E-Mail Grump. I live in Washington and Oregon - Depend's were I am for the day . so a Drive or a Fly down is O.K. Chat with ya Soon. bigbadbns :: Yes this would be very cool. would love to stop by should not be far for me to come by and say hello and what not Send me a E-Mail of when you would like me to come up. I have a few thing's going on the next month, But I should be available allmst anytime after. My Email info is :: All E-Mail's are forwarded to my Cell Phone as well so i get them pretty fast no matter were I am. Grump Keep up the great TV shop seem to catch allot of peeeples Eyes. "Cheer's"
  2. Platinum

    Grump's Wave

    Great Case Grump.. You live in California? If so would like to come visit ya possibly share some Idea's for some Case mod's I got about 8 Cooler Master Cases that will be worked on Soon Possibly we could work some idea's out. (My shop will do all the work, no worries) Possibly Email me or PM me Keep the TV Show going for the Peep's "Good Fun" Allway's keep the Advitar Logo in your Cases. I have seen allot of your Work and they all turn out Very cool. We all will be waiting to see the finished product Stay Well and Get Better.
  3. "If you build it they will come" Yes, Thank You :: bigbadbns (Bryant) :: Great to have you.
  4. This allso would be a Question for me Thank you ahead of time
  5. This case look's very good. - When can I order one? May want to add a Window Option. If you had that I woud buy them for all 4 of my PC's