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  1. Hello :: I think I found your Info you need. the HP 6740c = Coppermine128 core made with 0.18 micron technology 667MHz frequency (10x multiplier) 32KB L1 cache (16KB for data and 16KB for instructions) 128KB integrated on-die L2 cache working at the full processor frequency (256bit Advanced Transfer Cache) Advanced System Buffering SSE SIMD-instructions 370pin FC-PGA Socket-370 CPU interface GTL+ system bus working at 66MHz 1.65V core voltage This is the Spec's for your Machine in General. Socket-370 CPU The Fan you would like to buy in General = CM XDream II HAC-L82. Allmost Any Socket 370 Fan Set made by Cooler Master Will Work for you. Just look up the Spec's and have some fun. Hope this Help's you out a Little.
  2. Hello :: "Black Widow" Everything I have found with your Model # is just a Mirror Finished Black Metalic Paint job. You may just take the case to a Car/Auto-Body Shop see if they could give you a Color to go with -- But It still will be hard to get the Mirror look may need to Buff out the Box agian. The Plexi-Glass you have on your case you can just use a Acrylic Buffing Compount to Hope you can get it out. You may just Buy a New Side panel and Replace the Full Window (Price I think is 25$) that is for a Full Side Panel/Window you can just replace the Old Window with the New .. Sorry Maybee someone in your Market area might know the Exact Color Code but so far have not found it anywere. Hope this Helped ya.
  3. Platinum

    Grump's Wave

    Boooooooooo! Cancel the Show then.. -(Just Joking)- It's cool we will be up @ 6AM to wait for your Post :idea: See you Soon. -Platinum-
  4. I have 3 Praetorian's in my Room/office with all CM LED Fan's (Answer yes) I can have them all running and I dont even really hear them. I know with Better fans I can reduce the noise lvl even more. the preatorian Black has a Full Brushed Alluminum Black finish Allso it is Fully Anodized - Very sweet case. I own 2 Silver and 1 Black "Well" LoL that's not the color anymore. I Recently had all Cases Anodized Blue/Purple/Black - Inside and out. The Black Case Front Is in the Shop atm getting 100% Polished like a mirror. just a little project im working on for some fun. Would I sujest a CM Preatorian? Yes go for it. I allso use the CM Front Bezel's in this Case it work's 100% Good. (Just use the Bezel and Modify the internal part's to make the Face plate work for you:) Need any more detail's let me know I can provide them.
  5. This is a great case (yes) have seen this case around the block a few time's tho This person went thru some extreme stuff to get the case the way they wanted. Sweet stuff.
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    Just stopping in to see my I-TV Show :idea: . Keep it up grump atleast show Re-Run's for us LOL. keep up the great work see ya around.
  7. Very Nice Case indeed. cannot wait for Product release.
  8. Titanix - any word on if a 500w PSU will be comming around.? It would seem for Nvidia Loving peep's that love all the Extreem stuff we will need around a 500w PSU to support our need's. But this 450w is a Big step in the right direction. Bring it out to play.
  9. Oh. allso do you have a Release time for the 120mm Fan's? thos would be a good replacment for a few of my Cases that run 120mm Fan's. No rush.
  10. All Pic's been Moved to the Cooler Master Section now -- All Old Link's will work just wont take you to Forum's itself. Enjoy have fun. PS. I really want thos CM. SATA Cable's
  11. Well the Hyper 6 Will allmost Hit the Top. But Yes it is That is With Post's, Board, and just Setting the Hyper 6 onto it. That would look pretty Cool get a Window cut out of the Top Showing the Hyper 6 ..
  12. I have that Case in my Garage. it has a 120mm Fan. So I think they will be sent with the 120mm Fan.
  13. Post on my Website - You can post anything you would like I got unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Space. Just a Offer Just Post in the Images Section in the Forum .. I will give ya Right's to the Section soon as you contact me.
  14. WOW. -- That is allot of Round Thing's