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  1. Churchill


    OK thanx, I have just found a solution: I am going for the time being swap VGA cards with the friend of mine so I at least can enjoy my MCE machine build inside the Cavalier. And in March I am going to look out for the new Power supply Thanx a million for your help Churchill
  2. Churchill


    Are those the cases or the power supplies ? Sounds like cases I need only the PSU Churchill
  3. Churchill


    Have you got any Idea what is the product ID or product number ?
  4. Churchill


    Here the guys do not even know about it. May I ask something you might not going to like: PLease inform me once you get the new PSUs? So I can go and make the Netherlands branch crazy? My e-mail address, Churchill
  5. Churchill


    [I don't know why you're upset? It stated that the PSU is proprietary and there isn't another PSU on the market that will bit this case. However, in march, we're going to have a 350W version for this case. Does it mean that In March the 350 PSUs are going to be on the market ?
  6. Churchill


    I am so upset actually that the PSY in the Cavalier 4 is such a screwed up dimensions I can not find a replacement and I really need at least 350 WATT since My AGP card needs extra 5v Anybody knows where I acan try finding the PSU that fits into the Cavalier 4 Churchill