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  1. an excellent job modding artwork Greetings PS:Good luck to all of you guys!
  2. 陳出色的工作Mr.KITSON ä½ å¿…é ˆè¦è´å¾—第一åé‹æ°£ å†è¦‹å•å€™ ...Excellent work Mr.KITSON CHAN. you have to win first place luck. Bye greetings.See More
  3. This is an update of my work la idea tenia que hacer los corte para instalar el fan de 200mm hice previo en 3d para ver como deberia quedarme My idea was to make a cut for the 200mm fan, so I did it in the 3d program to see what would be the result. continuando foto reales bueno es todo por ahora mas avance apena que pueda Saludos good is it for now sorry that more progress can Greetings PS:sorry I broke any rules of the contest to continue posting picture of my modding
  4. Hi I also I have the same problem I have several people who voted, did not reach the confirmation email and someone will get the mail but when they confirm the vote is not registered to vote please check the problem thanks sorry for the inconvenience bye greetings
  5. excellent work left me speechless luck with the contest you good rest merse bye greetings Sorry for my Inglés, I am very bad and google translator Helps me
  6. Gracias PaPang por tu comentarios sorry mi falta de ortografia soy super malo para expresarme por eso escribo mal tengo a mi hermano hable y escribe ingles no tiene tiempo el me tradusca queiro expresarme, lo que use de materia para el blow hole fue plastico de la parte abajo de un masetero de planta Saludos bye
  7. Thanks KITSON CHAN your comments, you also did great job modding Greetings
  8. trabajo terminado solo faltaria buen limado para afinar algunos detalles just finished work would fail good filing to refine some details espero que le gusta mas avance apena pueda , ya estoy trabajando a full para poder tener listo el mod para la fecha limite del concurso . I hope she likes more advance sorry I can since I am working to have full mod ready for the contest deadline.
  9. New progress of modding fabricando motherboard tray motherboard tray manufacturing aqui marque la base con un lapiz donde van ir las perforaciones para los separadores de la placa madre check the base here with a pencil where the holes will go for the motherboard standoffs empesado a taladrar we started to drill aqui haciendo el rocado para intalar los separadores doing here intalar rocado for separators siguimos taladrando donde estoy haciendo la perforacion hay pasar los cable poder manter orden los cable hiran conectado ala placa madre we kept drilling where drilling'm doing is passing the power cable manter Hiran order the cable plugged in at the motherboard trabajo terminado y limado work completed and filed continua siguente post NEXT continuous post
  10. Gracias compañero tu comentarios Saludos bye Thanks mate your comments Bye greetings
  11. update of my work modding aqui taladrando parte trasera del case drilling here back of the case aqui cortando con la sierra de arco sawing here listo corta solo faltaria buen limado short list would fail only good filing seguimos con el mod voy hacer bracket de psu we'll do the mod psu bracket here are finished making the holes with the drill would fail me just cut with hacksaw and file aqui terminado de hacer la perforaciones con el taladro solo me faltaria cortar con la sierra de arco y limar el bracker listo limado ligado igual me falta un poco son pequeños detalles Bracker tied the filing ready as I need are some small details cuantinuamos con posteo del mod ahora haciendo la prueba de calidad del bracket de psu cuantinuamos with posting of the mod now making quality test psu bracket listo probandolo en el case para como queda junto cona fuente de poder ready for testing in the case as is with power supply cona listo esto todo por ahora mañana mas avance y espero que le hayan gustado avance acepto critica all ready this morning but progress so far and I hope you have liked to accept advance reviews Saludos Greetings
  12. good as that comes out to play on the machine hahaha good job mod Bye greetings que buena cuanto sale jugar en la maquina jajaja buen trabajo mod Saludos bye
  13. update of my work modding. I brought in the front I decided to make the USB port and microphone audio to the case of the fronta the victim: the victim: PS: there are not many photo because then no one did not marry me photo PD: aquí no hay mucha foto porque ese momento no contaba nadie me casara foto Terminado working USB port Trabajo terninado puerto USB :zippynana let him sneak preview 3D wing mod pm more photos le dejo pequeño adelanto en 3D, ala tarde mas fotos del modding Saludos Greetings proximamente mas foto del modding more photo coming modding