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    Cross flow fan

    I found and use filters that are sold at Wally World ( Wal-Mart) for less then $10.00. Go to the hardware section and look for heater vent filters, they should be white and in packs of 10 , the ones I found are 4" x 10 " long. You can cut and adjust them, Being so cheap, I use mine for 30 days and replace'em. Hopes this helps everyone.
  2. Ok, I understand this now but that leaves me wondering Is there a relief valve in the water cooler system ? This is a question I pose for all FYI sence, Because I do believe that there has to be some sort of safety measures incorperated when you design a system like a water cooler. It only makes sence that it should have one. BTW, Since I invested in the Aquagate and I like others dont feel like tearing it apart any more then one has too, I would buy the new hoses and the GPU block at a discount price since am a LOYAL Customer of Cm. Dont you think thats fair guys ?
  3. Does that mean that there is indeed a relif valve of some sort, just in case there is overpressure ?
  4. Well Echo, am going to try and help you out here as you helped me out. Think of the water cooler like a Hot Water Heater in a home. When water heats to a certain point like as in boiling, it creates steam and it has to go somewhere, this somewhere is called a Check valve or blow cock if you perfer. It releases pressure to prevent a ruptured caseing or tank in this case. Am not 100% correct here, but I think there is a relief valve to do the same thing in a Water Cooler. Initialy, when you power the system up for the first time, the coolant will cycle thru the system and after 5 mins , you add more coolant to refill and bring it up to full. Looking at the bottle of coolant CM had inclued with the cooler, I have about an 1 -2 " left. Which brings to mind, Where do we get more coolant so at the Cm's advice, we should refill with new coolant every 90 days. If am wrong here in any way guys, please correct me as am thinking logically here cause Echo said no leaks were found and he had to refill the tank.
  5. @ Echo Ok Thanks again Echo, I'll give that a try.
  6. @ ECHO Thanks Echo. Is this also the reason I have no display on the LCD or is it something else that I missed ? Thanks in advance
  7. Opps, My Bad. Its not the Thermal sensor cable I was refering too, again, my bad ! Its the sensor shutdown cable with the Y-split and the 2 little progs at the end that I dont know where to install it. Maybe I didnt make it clear enough, sorry my bad.
  8. This is more likely been answered already but I need help here ok guys. I have installed the Aquagate water cooler in my Stacker case and I have no idea where I am suppose to install the sensor cable to on the motherboard. It must be that am having a Brain-Fart here , But when you get into these problems where electricy is involved and improper connection can ruin your MB , its best to seek help. My MB is an ASUS P5AD2 Deluxe and I have no idea where this cable is going to attach to, Maybe thats why I have no readouts on the LCD screen ? p.s. In case you hadnt caught on, The waterblock is installed on a 775 CPU and yes, My Bios and MB5 temps are in the green. Just need to get this LCD scrren and cable setup. Thanks in advance