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  1. Makaelin

    Black Stacker 830?

    This is just a guess... but I'm willing to bet that the black "never takes off" because it's not available immediately, and then is hard as :) to find for the first few months it is available. If CM released a silver and black option, both equally available, then I'm willing to bet that it would sell great. You have to realize, people that wanted a Stacker bought the silver one because you said it wouldn't be available any other way. Just because a few months later you release a black one, doesn't mean everyone is going to go out and buy another case all over.
  2. Makaelin

    Stacker 830

    Good and bad. First, the good. 1) Thank God, the side panel is useful for cooling now. That 80mm side mount on the Stacker1 really pissed me off. Ability to add fans without the 3.5 drive bays is good, too. However, is there the ability to mount them with screws? I can't stand those plastic fan mount things, bad Antec memories. 2) Looks good. It'll look far, far better in black, however. Honestly, I don't know why you guys don't just make a black one first. That's what most people seem to want anyway, to match components. Some bad... 1) The only thing aluminum does is make it weigh less and make it cost a shitload. People that are interested in the Stacker were not concerned about case portability, considering the Stacker1 weighs 10 tons and can support a troupe of hobos living inside. Aluminum is also more flimsy. I wish this trend in making all cases aluminum would roll over and die. Should've stayed with good, solid steel. 2) Front door....ewww. No, no... please, make it have a -good- option (ie, doesn't look stupid) to not have a door at all. That was one of my favorite things about the stacker. Front doors are a good idea on paper that ends up being stupid in application. It's never closed except when you're not using the computer. All in all, not a bad case. However, if it's more than $20 more than the Stacker1, I'll go with another original for the door-less design, more space (big deal here), steel construction. And I mean current prices, basically I wouldn't pay over $200 for this case. On a side note, does anything here agree with me that the Centurion 530 looks like what the Stacker2 should've looked like?
  3. Well, it annoyed me because I found it borderline-idiocy to have that huge mesh panel there and only an 80mm fan mount. That should've been a 120mm mount (or two), no question or doubt about it.
  4. I can't wait. I was thinking about getting a Stacker around Christmas, but the 80mm side intake annoyed me and I heard that the Stacker2 was coming in March. Hope it's as great as you say, I'm ready to ditch this tiny, ugly Antec temporary case.