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  1. Only moderators can do a write up? I'd be interested but i'm not a mod
  2. haha.. keep the computer smelling good? nice what's your preference? snuggle or Bounce?
  3. my question is.. how long does the number they assign you last because i still haven't sent in my realpower 450 yet.
  4. as often as i do my power steering! once every week or 2. depending on how much i drive and the level.
  5. I did a review on it awhile ago. The Realpower 450. It's great.. http://www.hybrid-mods.net/index.php?mo ... tent&id=31
  6. I have a 3 120mm fan radiator i want to use.. but it's so big i'll have to mount it outside the case!
  7. I plan on it, but the issue is right now, i have quite a hefty hurricane coming towards me so it will have to wait.
  8. My realpower 450 is not putting out the correct voltages.. where it's suppose to be 3.3 it's 3.06 idle, and 2.94 load.. the 5 and the 12 volt lines have also gotten worse since i've gotten the power supply. WHat is going on here? My hardware only draws a max of 200 watts, according to the watt meter. I'm not going to sit here and let this kill my machine.
  9. how do you get 360 improved xt shaders enabled? I haven't heard of this. I've only heard of flashing the card with an xt bios
  10. Hybrid-Mods

    aqua trident

    Dremel is always fun, mine died, and now needs work.. ugh.. not even one year since i've owned it!
  11. Perhaps you got a lemon, my real power works perfectly fine.
  12. Seems like the disc tray instead of sliding while pushing the faceplate out.. it is catching it and getting stuck, looks misaligned to me. Try the faceplate just a bit lower..
  13. I did the same with my case.. it's no coolermaster, but the black on the inside sure made the window view look alot better.. Problem is now.. I need filters for my fans to prevent dust from building up on everything.
  14. From the current Real power 450 design.. I would like to see copper heatsinks with alot of surface area, and higher efficeny. The fan is fine, it's quiet enough for me.
  15. Well actually, the more power efficent the power supply is the less heat will be generated. Because let's say this, for the real power 450 watt powersupply, it has a 75% effiency at average loads, so let's say the internal components of the person's computer is taking in 150 watts, at a 75% effiency the psu itself would be taking in 200 watts AC to convert it to 150 watts DC, Which in terms makes the heatoutput of 50 watts. Now if the efficeny was at 85% which i think it should be. on the same 150 watt load the total AC wattage coming from the wall would be only 170 watts coming from the wall which equates 30 watts of heat output. So the Higher the efficency the less heat ouput there is. I really hope my figures on the numbers are correct. Regardless Higher efficency=Less heat output Just for you who didn't know
  16. Water Wetter should help out.. Not sure on how much, because a water block is alot smaller than an engine block, but none the less it should help some.
  17. Personally i would of just lapped it, so that way i can get it to have a nice perfect flat mirror like finish, and go ahead and use it, instead of sending it back.. waiting.. then getting something that might have something else wrong with it.
  18. You know the real power has 2 12 volt rails.. I Have one in my pentium 4 machine, let me give you some specs on it.. Intel Pentium 4 "C" 2.4Ghz @ 3.3-4Ghz Abit IC7 Radeon 9800 pro 4 cold cathodes, 1 hard drive, 2 optical drives, 6 case fans. The real power only ready my machine to suck in 230 watts max.. Nothing more.
  19. notsure.. but you double posted.
  20. I've noticed my blue Cathodes, emiiting uv light.. flourescent colors really light up under them.
  21. good work.. Shows that I need to get working on my case
  22. it should.. if not.. it'd be quite ironic.. to see 2 products from the same company... released at either the same or about the same times.. that don't work with each other. Harware wise
  23. You can get a rivet gun and rivets for under 20-30 dollars.. well atleast at lowes.. home depot will probaly be cheaper.
  24. I just read a review on it yesterday.