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  1. [em]HEAT

    Stacker USB ports....how to connect them all

    Let me do some searching real fast. I saw a guide on exactly what you are trying to do. As soon as I find it I'll post a link. That is, if I can find it. Also, you could buy a USB hub and mod it. Or you could place it inside the case so you don't have it sitting outside the case. With the stacker I know there's plenty of room for that.
  2. [em]HEAT

    AquaGate Questions

    To cool that Prescott you need an industrial sized enviormental control unit with liquid nitro. Heh. Nah just kidding. The Aquagate shoulk work just fine.
  3. [em]HEAT

    FOP's Mods: Window Kit Write-up

    Where did you purchase the blank etching material from?
  4. [em]HEAT

    Auqagate LCD problems!!!!! Please help!!!

    Just replace the sensor cable and all should be fine.
  5. [em]HEAT

    problem with installing

    It's the thermal sensor. I had the problem to. Just get a new thermal sensor and all should be fine.
  6. [em]HEAT

    Adding a resivor to the aquagate?

    Any particular resellers? Also, no idea onthe resivor?
  7. [em]HEAT

    Adding a resivor to the aquagate?

    Well, I'd like to know that as well. i can't find replacement coolant anywhere. And what I mean is, how would I go about adding an extra resivor, something that will hold more water for the unit.
  8. [em]HEAT

    Adding a resivor to the aquagate?

    If anyone has any ideas on how this can be accompished please post.
  9. [em]HEAT

    Auqagate LCD problems!!!!! Please help!!!

    Email sent.
  10. [em]HEAT

    Auqagate LCD problems!!!!! Please help!!!

    Only problem with that is I don't have long distance, and when I do make long distance calls I have to get someone to 3 way it for me and I can't always ask people to do that for me. Looks like I'll have to flood his inbox so he can take notice of my emails. The day I talked to him he said he's email me back the same day. That was almost a week ago.
  11. [em]HEAT

    Cross flow fan

    Why not just goto the local hardware store and buy the material and make your own filter?
  12. [em]HEAT

    Auqagate LCD problems!!!!! Please help!!!

    \kennyb@coolermaster.com right? I've already sent him an email and have yet to hear back from him yet.
  13. [em]HEAT

    Mirror for Wavemaster (Updated Pics)

    Already done it. I implimented the idea on my wavemaster months ago. You can see pics of it in the "Show your setup" thread.
  14. [em]HEAT

    Auqagate LCD problems!!!!! Please help!!!

    No, the beeping still goes on, and the cpu wont display.
  15. [em]HEAT

    Auqagate LCD problems!!!!! Please help!!!

    Ok, after I did everything that you all suggested I'm still at a stump. I set the cpu temp, the tank temp and the fan speed, after doing so the LCD display should display the current temps for the cpu and the tank, but it does'nt. I took a picture to show you what I'm seeing(forgive the quality, I have a crappy camera). http://www.jokafex.com/a/lcd.jpg