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  1. Wow, that's..... wow..... i'm practically drooling over here. Very nice mod u got there, asgneto, and the prizes are great! It's just the V10 doesn't really go well with that Intel mobo e? The location of those RAM slots aren't covered by it. Oh well... still very nice anyway. Happy new year to all!
  2. I'm using the HAF 922 with a V8 inside, which I think is a pretty "tall" cooler by the way. It fits well and doesn't interfere with my 200mm case side fan. This is the side fan i'm using:
  3. A beautiful piece of technological art! Kudos to the creators!
  4. 6+2 pin means you can use it for either a 6 pin or 8 pin slot. You won't have any problems with your 850W psu, you don't even need to use the molex to 6 pin adapter.
  5. Okay, did a little research and found this: So it was supposed to be launched last year but I can't even find this on CM's website.
  6. What the...?! The people replied there asks for some packaging pictures.
  7. Go to this link:
  8. Make sure that the molex connector of your fan is securely connected to the molex from your psu. They are a bit of hard to secure based on my experience! If it still doen't work, try using the 2/3 pin connector of your fan and connect it to your motherboard.
  9. AcidICE24

    922 side panel

    Really? The side fans helped that much with the temps? So what do you think is best to put on there, 2 x 120mm or 1 x 200mm? I only have 1 x 120mm fan there for now and i'm trying to decide whether to get another one or just replace it with a 200mm fan. And also, bigger fan means slower rpm so less vibration, right?
  10. Storm Sniper was my second choice (just because it's much more expensive than the HAF 922) Well, here are some pictures of my case. A few shots in the dark
  11. I would buy two of these if it is available now.
  12. AcidICE24

    922 side panel

    You can try the CM Sniper's windowed side panel if you like. Check this out... viewtopic.php?f=9&t=27&p=101434#p101434
  13. Hmm... I hope I can find one here in Singapore. Thank you!
  14. Nice setup there, trigss75! Didn't know the Sniper's windowed side panel would fit on the 922. I'll post mine when I have time.
  15. It actually depends on what you prefer or what works for you. What I did with mine is an intake. Helps with cooling the graphics card and mobo.