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  1. WesleyF

    Filling the Hole

    Does anyone know of a mfg. (in the USA) that can cut a ROUND piece of plastic that could fill (IMHO) that really stupid hole on the side panel of a CMStacker? I have some really great ideas for the side panel, but I need a flat surface and while I could buy a square piece of plastic, I thought that putting a piece in that hole (I'm thinking of getting a custom PolyGFX skin) would be cheaper? I tried 2 places here in Indy, but they only cut straight edges. I contacted CoolerMaster but they have no intentions of selling just a plain uncut side panel
  2. Right On Fontinha!!! I tried to mod the tooless rails but since I think in SAE not Metric, and I really have limited tools available, it just didn't work out as I had hoped. If anyone from CM is monitoring this thread, I have an observation: After reading a number of posts on this forum, I have come to the conclusion that many people would be willing to PAY for having the abililty to setup their computers as they would like without having to invest in a lot of tools,time,etc. For example: when you sell the stealth bezels maybe include the tooless rails with the slot a little further ahead so that when a drive is installed, it can be pushed back the required distance and VIOLA!! you have a faceplate that fits perfectly aligned with the drive and case! (OOOOH, stealth drives!, cried Homer) At any rate, I will get a nibbler this weekend and give it a try. Thanks again Fontinha
  3. WesleyF

    Cross flow fan

    Go to your local hardware store and buy some filter material for an air conditioner. Then do what I did, cut a peice a little longer than the holes on the side panel and tape it to the inside of the panel. Ya got filtering for the cross flow fan
  4. OK, It's called PHYSICS folks, (Laws of Thermodynamics, etc,etc.) If you heat a liquid AT SOME POINT IT WILL EVAPORATE!! It doesn't matter where or when (hoses,resivoir,pump,block, wherever) Now I'm not at the watercooling stage yet, but I do know that at some point when I do, I will have to refill the liquid in my system. If there was a perfectly enclosed system then CM and any other mfg. would charge about $500 or greater because you never would have to change or refill your system. Get over it!!! This not a mfg. defect IMHO. It's just physics. As an aside if you have NEVER refilled the antifreeze in your car, then you will at some point have to buy an engine, radiator or new car. Man it must be nice to be able to be that rich or that stupid.
  5. You have 2 choices. You cand slot out the sides where the mounting holes are using a drill. I don't know if you could use a nibbler. 2nd choice and one I'm going to try and do this weekend is to take the mounting rails and make a new cutout of the mounting slot. I hope to cut it out just slightly in front of the original, then cut the end so that you dont bump into the raised stops in the rear of the drive cage. (Why CoolerMaster put them there I'll never know )
  6. You can go to a company called FrontX (http://www.frontx.com) They have all sorts of cables that should work. You probably will have to go out the rear of your system to access any usb ports there. I hope this helps. Also DO NOT try to jumper a usb cable!!! By that I mean don't try to take 1 cable and split it so that you would have 2 connections on 1 usb port. Since each port only handles 500ma of current then if you attached 2 items to this port you could draw over 500ma and burn up your mb. I will try to figure out how to put a picture on this forum and post it if you need more info. I hope this helps you Wes
  7. You can buy 99% at most good electronics stores. 2 that come to mind are TechniTool and Contact East. I don't have a website but I'm sure doing a search online will give you good results. By the way I've used 91% from any drugstore and really haven't noticed any problems. Good Luck Wes
  8. WesleyF

    CMStacker newbie

    Finally I can log on to this forum!! I bought the CMStacker with some great intentions. However little things like having a warm place to sleep and some food are slowing me down. (you know; MONEY!!!) But I do have some questions that I hope others can answer. Hopefully as 1.) I bought some vandal bulgin switches from Xoxide.com. They have a LED in the center and I thought that they would look really cool on the brushed aluminum front points? rails? Can these be removed? I noticed that there are a LOT of RIVETS!! My grandson and son thought that it would be cool to add LED's to the plastic CMStacker piece on top. Can this be removed? 2.) I saw that CoolerMaster sells a faceplate to stealth an optical drive, however it appears that you can't do this on the Stacker. I find ironic/funny that I have built dozens of PC's over the years and the mounting a drive has never been a problem(most mfgs including CoolerMaster provide slotted points to install drives, yet the most expensive case I have ever purchased is so precise that you can't move anything backwards or forwards. Which leads me to question # 3.) Does anyone know if CoolerMaster sells all of its' parts? I would like to BUY extra rails, faceplates, etc. I e-mailed a rep and was told to contact another person and they would send me " A FACEPLATE" My problem is that one won't do and I don't have a problem with PAYING for as MANY as I need. I will be asking other questions later. Have no doubt!! Thanks Wes