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  1. I'm sure when i had a stacker, the top panel was aluminium. I had the silver and blue stacker btw.
  2. im not sure but it looks like your trying to get an agp card into a pci-express slot
  3. One of them has a window, the other doesn't. Quite simple as i've got both of them in boxes but just can't be bothered to open them up to check which model number refers to which one.
  4. i've got an 111 and an 110 if your interested
  5. Glad i could help, keep me posted if you want them
  6. Yep, thats the screws in question. The panaflos are famous for being quiet and the model number is FBA08A12L
  7. should be four screws on the inside of the case, simply screw them out and out it should pop. I've got some quiet panaflos if your interested
  8. glad I could help, let us kow how it performs
  9. Try here and it's priced well
  10. Just received the mobo and psu back from RMA so still a bit messy