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  1. Run some multi-cpu Opteron servers with HE processors installed. A good 80+ Silver supply that can run fanless or nearly so with be of interest. The whole issue about efficiency come into play for the location where the servers are installed. For those builds I settled on the Seasonic line. But I'd give and equivalent Cooler Master a shot if the price was in line or better than Seasonic's products.
  2. ... ?p=3549339
  3. I had similar concerns with my first build so far, so good. Here is a mini review I did on another forum. I'm sticking with this supply for now!
  4. AWESOME! Thanks for the pointer to Silver PCs who has the equivalent in a Lian-Li brand. (
  5. Does anyone have any extra motherboard standoffs (clips) used in the older Cooler Master ATCS cases like the ATC -200, 201, 210, 100, and 101, and 111 cases? The case was also used by some other like Compaq (Compaq X GamingPC) They are the The snap-in style clips rather than the screw-in standoffs. Here is a picture of the clip style of standoffs next to the mounting holes on the motherboard tray. If you know a commercial source please let me know. Alternatively if you have some for donation I would love to have them. I would like to buy them from you too if you want to sell them. Trying to keep and old ATC 200 case going. Still love it after all these years! Chris