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  1. Alright - I'm back home and have some pics. And, again, if anyone has ideas as how to best light this etch, I am all ears. I'm also wondering how to go about lighting the case generally - I don't want to detract from the etch. I know it has its rough spots - but please keep in mind it was my first attempt at cutting a window and etching. Anyhow - here are the pictures: Here is what I started out with - it's masked and ready to be cut into: This is a shot of the tower on my desk next to the monitor and BFG 6800 about to go into the tower (I tried to angle it so that the etch could be seen a little bit): Here is a similiar shot closer up (and yes, I know already - I have the top panel with the two little dents - came from the factory like that - several Stackers did): Here's a pic of the case window straight on, against a black pillow so that the etch stands out (even though the case panel doesn't stand out too well): Here's the inside of the window - you can see I was overly generous with the silicone: And finally, here's a close up of one of the 45 degree corners that really made the frame look nice and flush:
  2. pics to come by the end of the week - I am at my parents' house so that I can use my dad's shop. Sorry about that. Oh, and cool - about the plexi - I really like using it. It's not terribly expensive, it's light, it's flexible, etching is a snap and not dangerous, and it cleans really easily. At both of the home improvement stores I went to, there were three different grades of the plexi. GE calls their highest grade Lexan and Lucite calls their highest grade Tuf. But it's all plexi. I got the middle grade because it was less expensive (about half the price). Looking at the two, you can't really tell. Your case meanwhile looks awesome! Those black bolts are really nice. I preferred the molding for two reasons. First, and more importantly, I had never cut a window before and I am not very steady. Clumsy would be a better way to describe it. The molding gave me some room for cosmetic errors. Which I made. Also, I wanted the contrasting silver molding so that the window looks framed and the etching like a piece of art It came out nice - I was very pleased. How did you paint the inside of the case, the cage, and the tower runners? I'd be interested to know - particularly about the inside of the case. What paint - how long - was it difficult - etc... And what's the window at the bottom of the front? Is that a custom job as well? It's looks really, really good man - awesome job!
  3. Those of you tired of waiting on the windowed panel - what are you going to do? Continue to wait? Mod it yourself? Pay someone to mod it? Trade in the case for a different one (I would never do this - the case rocks) But, I had some extra time on my hands this Memorial Day weekend staring at the non-windowed case... so I took the Dremel to it. I finally took the plunge and cut into it - I was so scared as I have never modded before and I didn't want this to be the first. But it was. I went with a square window with a thin chrome molding (to match the accent front panels) with an etching of the Cobra symbol from GI Joe. I also decided to measure it so that the drive cage is hidden and the PSU rails are hidden so when it comes to hiding wires, it'll be easier for me to work with and I really don't care for the way that you can see the drive cage.
  4. modding it might be a cool idea considering I'm not a big fan of the visibility of the drive cage - if I cut my own window, I think I'll make it far enough back that the drive cage isn't visible. I'd rather one be able to see just the motherboard and components - thanks for the guidelines, darkfog
  5. I've considered cutting on my own case - but I've never done it before and I would hate to begin on my beloved Stacker and do irreparable harm to it because of my lack of experience. I've read - I've even bought the tools - but the thought of actually taking the Dremel to my case gives me pause.
  6. sorry, cool, I didn't follow the post - was it just a list of the assurances provided with the dates? Maybe I just couldn't follow the layout of th post.
  7. what bothers me is that this is not the first time this issue has been raised and through it all, bryant has been tightlipped about the plans for this case window in the last couple of weeks. That can't be a good sign, if you ask me. Just break the news to us - let us know something. I know it's not his fault or anything - he has nothing to do with production. But I'd just like to know what the plans are from the guy who made the promise to us. And I think that nix has a legitmate gripe - I think anyone here who has a black stacker and bought one with the assurances of a case window also has a reason to be a bit more than upset. And the cooler master stacker is still a great case - and I love it. But buying a CM product in the future might not be as easy a decision as it has been in the past. Of course, I'm only one customer and that won't matter to cm's profit margin anyhow.
  8. yeah, I'm with dynamiks. I feel like I'm getting the run around and it's very, very frustrating to hear all of this excitement over Stacker 2 when there are so many black stacker 1 owners who are being left in the proverbial dust. So, not only is my case outdated as of March 10, I have no case window with which to assuage my sorrow. I just find it hard to believe that a company so concerned with its customers is going to ignore so many of us. Maybe they don't think there's much of a demand - I'm just really puzzled over this.
  9. *bump* any more word on the status of these windows by any chance?
  10. see, miyagi, I have no idea who any of these people are and, since I am new here, I am looking for answers. Trust me, I am not looking to rain on anyone's parade. I am hopeful that they come out - you and I are in the same proverbial boat. I don't know who Bryant is - but I hope he's right. This can be really frustrating. Maybe if more people voted, too? Just like on the thread for people who said that they would buy a black case - a bunch of people came out. I know that you and I and six other people aren't the only ones asking - nay, begging, for this black window to come out! Please keep us posted. Thanks-
  11. Me 2. Especially since they haven't even made my damn black windowed side panel for my original Stacker, yet they are already designing a new model. I am beginning to believe the black windowed panel is never going to be released. I have a feeling. I think your feeling is right, dyna. The reason I stumbled on these forums was googling for a black window case. But after speaking with someone at the CA offices this morning, there are no plans for bringing the black window to the US. He thinks that maybe it is available in Europe and Asia. Maybe we just need to start working on ideas for changing the color of the silver window. I was waiting until I saw the case window before I got the case, but I was given one as a late Christmas present. I'm not sour over such a great gift, but I think I am going to face a decision: 1. find a way to color the silver window black 2. live with a silver window on a black case - which might not be so bad, right? The side arms are silver as is so maybe it won't look out of place. Sorry, I'm just trying to make the best of a sucky situation. The company seems to be pushing for the CoolerMaster next gen cases and potential customers. But still - Why wouldn't they make these windows? /me doesn't understand
  12. How confident are you that they will be coming out? This is my first time posting on here because everywhere I looked for a black window panel, I came up empty handed. I just got a black CM Stacker as a belated Christmas present - the case I've been waiting on for months. I assumed that there was going to be a black window panel - but nothing yet. And I just called the California offices and spoke with an associate who wasn't too optimistic that they were going to come out at all but she wasn't sure, so she put me in through to a "Benson" who said that there were no plans for the black side window panel to come out in the US. I asked why and the reply that I got was that there wasn't going to be enough demand for the window and none were expected. I asked if there was an alternative and the reply I got was that I might be able to get one in Asia or Europe. When I asked for a site, he just told me to try google. I've been googling for 45 minutes all to no avail. Benson also informed me that a new stacker was coming out in a couple of months - but I was told that a window would not be backwards compatible when I asked him. Sounds to me like CoolerMaster is dumping us black Stacker owners since we've already bought one and concentrating on people who will buy the next gen of stackers. Ever get the feeling that you're some neglected lab rat? Or a spurned guinea pig? I thought CM listened to its customers and enough of us around here made it clear that we were going to get some. And so many people here seem confident and even a co. spokesperson, bigbadbns, said it was coming. But now I hear otherwise. I just don't know what to believe, but CM is going to let many customers down, I think. I just have a bad feeling about this.