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  1. good friend modding going so well that promises something good, greetings ...
  2. hehehehe that's right for the next hope to have the conditions necessary to avoid damaging the hdd again, greetings ....
  3. what a great job, one day I made the mistake of uncovering the hard drive in poor condition and until that day I run disk jajajajaja
  4. excellent work congratulations friend, I really admire a job
  5. hi all, I'm from Venezuela and I'm putting together a modding contest for the people cooler master, for here coy to be posting some pictures and comments of the work step by step, I hope you enjoy and greetings .. While this is the key to use is a key genre in which he makes some changes completely modified front first phase of work, the modification of the front some changes, color, style [imghttp][/img] ok, as cutting out the trays of hard disks, make a purchase based on new HDD until now so we hope you like love at first sight Some branded products cooler master well this is all for now soon show you the end of work I hope you like it and listen to any comentaraio, criticism or anything else that comes to mind .... hehehe greetings from VENEZUELA