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  1. Slight problem here with logic.And another new post by neccessity. From zerospace when he locked my last thread after my first thread was locked. Sorry, but this is a misleading statement,and one that I disagree with in it's entirety. In the literature for the Coolermaster Aquagate it clearly states that the official fluid only should be used in the system.But the fluid cannot be bought.As an allegory,that's like selling a car that runs on a new fuel,and then not supplying the fuel. To say that it is the responsibility of the customer to hassle the merchandiser to stock what is an essential part of the product is disingenuous and insulting,when the Coolermaster sales team should have insisted on stocks of replacement fluid being taken as a condition of purchase to ensure that the product can be used for the purpose that it was sold for.That's part of the law over here.Without the fluid the Aquagate DOES NOT WORK and that makes it against the Trades Description Act. In other words,selling a product that cannot perform the tasks it was advertised as being able to do. The Aquagate is a fine piece of equipment that is let down by this inability to grasp the consequences of ,let's say, an accidental spillage or even evaporation,as expressed by the guys in hot countries. Bottom line: No fluid=no Aquagate. Argue that fact if you dare. And if you consider this to be "flaming" rather than dealing with the this very real problem,then please just delete me from your database and I'll forget I ever heard of Coolermaster.
  2. jagger

    Aquagate +IC7-MAX3

    Thats the one Brandon, Thanks. I got round it by using four m6 washers to get the needed clearance.This still allowed enough purchase on the retaining screws/springs to hold it together. I must say that the owner was not too impressed that he had to call me in,but now it,s working it is proving to be a nice bit of kit.Only remaining problem is his paranoia about getting replacement fluid.I told him to stop drinking it.
  3. I did see this problem caused by having the incorrect shutdown temperature set.The owner flew into a panic until I set some decent temperatures for him.Has been a solid unit since then.
  4. jagger

    Aquagate +IC7-MAX3

    Well ,ok then, I'll update this myself. I did fit the Aquagate to this motherboard but had to utilise four 1.3mm spacers to secure the backplate square to the board.This is due to protruding contacts underneath the cpu socket.The system has been running continuously since at very low reported temperatures but without any overclocking.Owner now happy chappy. I would issue a photo but I can't be bothered. Thanks for all the help.
  5. IC7-MAX3 Anyone installed an aquagate on this motherboard with a P4 ? There seems to be an impediment to the back plate sitting flush to the back of the cpu socket.(soldered connections) Will it be ok to space the backing plate with washers to get the needed clearance? It will still clear the case.