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  1. tva

    CM Stacker problem - can't fit graphics card

    call or email your retailer and complain when you first noticed damage. They would replace it. I don't know a single reputable retailer that wouldn't. It doesn't matter who or what caused the damage, it's damaged, right? That's all the retailer would need to know. That is, if you report the damage as soon as you discover it. You'll get a remedy, but you will have to be patient and allow Cooler Master to respond to you. [modedit] I'm getting really impatient here. I've bought loads of Coolermaster products and I demand at least a reply. Ron was busy during CeBIT which I could accept. But CeBIT was almost a month ago and I have still gotten no reply about a new backpanel. This is really starting to irritate. I want to use my graphics card which is worth 4 times the stacker, without losing screws from it. [modedit]
  2. tva

    CM Stacker problem - can't fit graphics card

    it's good to read CM is working on it. I emailed Ron the day before yesterday nevertheless to make sure. I'm eagerly awaiting a solution for this problem.
  3. tva

    CM Stacker problem - can't fit graphics card

    omg. i didnt expect this to be a problem but i have exactly the same case and graphics card. its exactly the same way as the topic starter! i've had the x850xt pe in my stacker for a while now but i still dont have a cpu so i didnt have the chance to find out my slot was preventing the graphics card to mount properly in the slot. can I please be helped as well? edit: I have a Gigabyte K8NF-9 mobo with a single PCI-e x16 slot if it matters
  4. so what about my question about attaching the hyper48?
  5. As soon as I have my processor I'll post what I'll get. Sent you an email with pictures of the mobo and the Hyper 48.
  6. Hi this is my first post here. After reading some of the existing topics here I found it necessary to join this forum and start a new topic because I couldn't find any answers to the questions I have. It's about the following: I bought the Hyper 48 CPU Cooler a while ago after I had read some reviews about it. I was quite impressed by the size of it. The Hyper is for a new system I'm building. A few days ago I got my black Stacker. I started installing the motherboard yesterday. The installation was easy and didn't really raise any questions. At this point I don't have the processor yet, so I tried the Hyper 48 without the processor in its place. I replaced the default retention bracket and backplate of the Gigabyte KNF-9 without any trouble. But when I put the Hyper 48 in the retention bracket I couldnt see how I could securely attach it with those two spring clips. The only place they could be attached to, are the two lower sides of the Hyper48. When I put the clips the ends of those clips go in to the holes of an extended part of the retention bracket but they're not securely attached at all. The manual is really minimal and doesn't give any explanation about it. So the first question is, how to attach it. The second question is a short one. The processor I have ordered is the AMD Athlon 64 FX55. Will the Hyper48 be enough to cool this pretty baby?