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  1. So, who actually built the RealPower 450W or the TWV 480W??? I want to know who is the real manufacturer?
  2. For a easy proof that CM actually copied this one. Either you contact Thermaltake or CoolerMaster directly. Simply, do a search on google of "TWV480" & "Real Power 450". You can clear see that around early June, there are already TT TWV480 review, and I thought I was able to get that, but it's still not availabe yet. My whole point is that both CoolerMaster & Thermaltake are my favorite, and the company seems to be in a freindship battle. However, coolermaster lost this around again, along with the supporters. But I can see where Hybrid-Mods is going. Blindfolded?
  3. I don't think CM can't sue anyone, because they can't patented it. Also, I doubt they even made this one, because TT has it first few months back when I ask TT about the availability.
  4. OMG, that is such a lie... I was looking for new PSU earlier this year, and I see Thermaltake has this on their site for long time, then I see CoolerMaster has this new PSU with meter too after Thermaltake's TWV. Hybrid-Mods, do you have any idea how the PSU market works? For real, this time CM copied from Thermaltake. It's all about back & forth from these companies. I'm still going for the Thermaltake TWV for now. Since CoolerMaster can't even answer the simple questions of 20pin & 24pin.
  5. azukre

    WaveMaster copy????

    I just read some reviews... I think you were right. But I like the mirror like side panel... looks cool
  6. azukre

    WaveMaster copy????

    The case is not even in retail stores, and I can't tell the difference... How do you know?
  7. azukre

    WaveMaster copy????

    Ya... I can't wait to buy one of the Tsunami case... I heard it's going to be cheap. I don't know about CoolerMaster invented the case, but as far as I know. They don't make the case themself. It's all about the manufacturers behind. I like stuff that is cheap with less bugs.... Good thing I hold on to buy wavemaster, darn.. it's expensive... Always good when you wait for it.