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  1. Stranger Mod

    Hello guys, Deadline is just around the corner....Let's finish this Mod! I want to make a special effect inside that look like the upside down. After a search I found a nice idea using an air compressor and a hot glue gun. Photos taken during Campus Party Brazil 2017. Tks @Mgyovanni Mods and @Rodrigo Vicentini. That's all folks. Good luck to everyone! =) Bests!
  2. Stranger Mod

    Hi guys, Just some days to complete the worklog. Almost finish... Little details The main idea was make a interactive casemod instead a static. Then I made it... Version 1.0 - Made from cooper wire, styrofoam, newspaper and glue. But I didn't like the shape. Version 2.0 - Made from cold porcelain and cooper wire. Better shape and more articulate to adjust. Testing Bests!
  3. Stranger Mod

    Hi guys, Today is time to make some electronic parts. At first I change the panel leds from blue to red. I bought a simple xmas fairy lights and addressable leds. I followed this instructable to make my own Alphabet Wall: Making some tests.... What a mess! Personalized shield for Arduino Bests!
  4. Stranger Mod

    Hi everyone, let's paint this case! Sanding and washing... Someone will say that is a tent, but it is a high tech portable paint booth Bests!
  5. Stranger Mod

    Hi everyone, it's time to make some internal modifications. And a front modification: I'll back soon with the paint part. Bests!
  6. Stranger Mod

    Tks Vicentini! I will, but I like the surprises. Hello guys, in this post I'll show how I made the sides. I needed to remove some parts, soooo time to cut! I used HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) to cover and make a new window. Some tests... Lets make the alphabetic wall to talk to Will. The window side was inspired on Upside Down portal. I used black hot glue to make this effect. That is it for now. Best, Gusts.
  7. Stranger Mod

    Hello Guys, My name is Gustavo 'Gusts' Carvalho and I'm from Brazil. For this Case Mod World Series, I'll show you how I made my last casemod "Stranger Mod". Very easy to understand the reference I would to thank my sponsors: Let's see the chassis, cpu cooler, motherboard... I'll be back soon to start the mod. Best, Gusts.
  8. Fire and Blood Mod

    Hi guys, Just some final photos Good luck to everyone!
  9. Fire and Blood Mod

    Hi guys, Time to make last details. This piece was handmade in 6mm red acrylic using Dremel and files. Video: Photos: Campus Party Brasil 2016 =) A lot of thanks to Cooler Master Brasil and Gigabyte Brasil! Outside photos: Almost finish! Best Regards.
  10. Fire and Blood Mod

    Hi guys, Time to mod the front! - Front version 1.0 Targaryen's house words. Front modification But I didn't like sooooo much.... - Front version 2.0 um...I don't know... Finish?...Maybe not! Best regards!
  11. Fire and Blood Mod

    Hi guys, This update are about the sides of Master Case. The idea was recycle something, in this case I used old CDs. A model to copy. I used almost 70 CDs. Difference between DVD and CD. Cut them all! Preparing... First test. All scale together Starting the 2nd side Paint time! Acrylic from left side. Sides are finish! Or almost... Best regards everyone.
  12. Fire and Blood Mod

    Hi Guys, I'm back. Time to thank you a sponsorship. Thanks a lot Gigabyte Brasil! Modding development... I made a Master Case Pro superior cover, but a little bit different. First I made a paper model. Utilizei uma cartolina e com um lápis marquei os contornos das peças. After Corel design: Cut time! Acrylic everywhere... All pieces Fixing at original MC5 handle A nice red acrylic effect...I like it! I recorded a video to show you how I made this Best regards.
  13. Fire and Blood Mod

    Hi guys, I'm back to show you some initial steps of this mod. At first a video about hardware parts. Cut time! :twisted: I decide to make a big and simple window at left side. Some photos. That's all for the moment. Best regards!
  14. Fire and Blood Mod

    Hi guys, My name is Gustavo and I'm from Brazil. This year I'll make and show you a casemod based on Targaryen family, from Game of Thrones. The idea is use some Targaryen's characteristics to make the case. For this I'll use a MasterCase 5, Nepton 240M, Power suplly G750M and JetFlo 120. I'll be back soon with news. Best Regards.
  15. KRUPER DOG by Maciel Barreto

    Awesome mod Maciel! I saw it live during Campus Party and it is really amazing! Good luck my friend.