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  1. I know its been said before, but it would be great if we could order Optional side Panels for the Storm Scout Series case. I am running or Will be running an oversized cooler so I can't use the side fans anyhow. The extra slots just detract from the looks of the case. A Mesh or Clear window without the side cutouts for the fan would be great.
  2. I was thinking about the V10 in my CM Scout Case but with all the bad TECs that have been turning up and the weight issue being 1200 grams, I am considering going for the V8 instead. I do a bit of Lan Gaming and I will be moving my PC about every 2 weeks. Even as careful as I am, I think the V10 will be too heavy and break the motherboard. I have ordered the retention bracket for the socket 1156 MSI P55-GD65 motherboard to mount either a V10 or a V8 from Coolermaster.NL . Any clue as to how long it will take to ship to Tennessee in the US? I don't think there will be any clearance issues with the V8 or the V10 on that particular motherboard / case though if so It would be good to know. Wow I seem to be ramblin. Let me break it down a bit. Below is my system specs. MSI P55-GD65 motherboard rev 1.0 - I7 socket 1156 860 @ stock 2.8GHZ - Coolermaster TX3 - 4 gigs Patriot Viper II DDR3 2000 MHZ 8-8-8-24 1.65 volt memory -Sound Blaster X-fi titanium pro - 2 x 1TB western digital Caviar Black 32 Sata 2 hard drives - Lite on 20x DVD burner- Enermax 1050 Revolution PS - ATI 4870 X2 x 2 - Coolermaster Storm Scout Case - Samsung 46 inch LED back-lit TV LNT4681F @ 1920 x 1080 - Windows 7 Ultimate RTM. - Onkyo 706 w 7.1 Energy C-300 5.0 Sub is BIC Acoustech VK-12 1. Are there any clearence issues with the V8 or V10 with the Coolermaster Scout case? 2. If I decide to go with the V10, will I have any issues with clearance for my Patriot Viper II DDR3 2000 Ram? (the ram sinks are pretty tall) 3. Any clue as to how long it takes to get a cpu bolt through kit shipped from coolermaster.nl to the States? 4. Is the V10 too big to be practical for a Lan gamer weight wise? will it break the motherboard?