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  1. Bravo, Nice RED , and Full Modding color picture ... cant wait it
  2. Bravo Nvidia CUBE computer
  3. BRAVO Nive Moddding ... i love it, can help me get 1 ?!?!?!
  4. BRAVO, nice casing and color, but still have blue light... better make it all RED
  5. hope this can help =) the casing when release ?!
  6. I'm not quite sure what you're saying here mate.... Im mean the Megaflow "LED light " dun sell separate ? must but whole set with FAN right ?
  7. OOOO .. have the link of the White Color COMOS 1000 PICTURE or PHOTO GALLARY ?
  8. nice color '' white '' CM 690 make have more soon ~~
  9. If the Casing is pretty nice and good design , so many user take about it =) i found a good and nice casing from this side your all looking around =) is a good IDEAL too " http://www.ttlevel10.com/ "" Have a look
  10. dun have only LED sell u need to buy set
  11. i wonderning now, most now all running is BLACK COLOR casing .. Now days most ppls like ' WHITE " casing, is not a outside white, is inside+Outside casing also white.. i just want to know white color casing will OUT from coolermaster ? casue '' white is my favorites color keke like Haf 932 , 922 or CM690 or 590 all white many is quite pretty this is a suggestion PLS VOTE it