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  1. UPS is $40 internal - hence my guess of at least $50 international. VAT at 17.5%, import duty at I can't remember what and the unit price of $14 bucks. I can just go out and buy a cooler with aftermarket support in the UK for that kind of money.
  2. Well thanks for rubbing salt into the wound. The whole point is that you can't get this in the UK. That company - for which you provided the link - doesn't ship to the UK. If they did, it would be something like $50 for shipping, plus import duties in the UK. Grand total, the best part of $80 for a bottle of fluid.
  3. The thing that really hacks me off about all this is the huge "Thermal Conductivity Fluid SAG-K01" that's been "Coming Soon!" for a couple of months now on the Coolermaster European website. I mean - guys - would that be "soon" relative to the last ice-age, or "soon" as in the next couple of weeks?
  4. However - bearing in mind that I can't buy the CM fluid in the UK - I have no choice.
  5. Cool - thanks for the info.
  6. Hi folks, I accidently spilt half the bottle of fluid when installing and have just topped the reservoir up with the last dregs (after it started complaining). Does anyone know where I can get another bottle of fluid here in the UK? I'm concerned that, should it start complaining again, I'll be totally stuck. txs