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  1. Is there going to be the equivalent of a stacker module for the HAF XB LAN Box. I really like this form factor but I need 6 x internal 3.5" disk capacity.
  2. I have one of the original CM Stacker ATX/BTX cases and it is still going strong. I was wondering it anyone has modified their front panel to convert it from USB 2 to USB3? I know I could simply get one of those floppy drive IO panels and use the floppy slot adaptor, but my stacker currently has 3 x 4 in 3 disk drive cages and 2 x DVD drives, so there are no spare slots to put the floppy adaptor in. I looked at the possibility of removing the existing IO panel and insering one of the new 3.5" panels in it, But it is actually a 5.25" panel in a single piece and includes the power and reset switches so not really an option. Thanks
  3. I don't think that's the whole story. The new BTX spec calls for the CPU to be relocated to the front centre of the motherboard. It also calls for a new style CPU cooler that draws cool air from the front of the case and redirects it down on top of the CPU. That is what's supposed to improve the CPU cooling. Have a look at http://www.formfactors.org/devlist.asp?FFID=12&CatID=-1 I don't see how simply changing the orientation of an ATX motherboard is going improve the cooling (regardless of what the posters in the other forum are saying). However, when there is some quantifiable evidence (rather than some hear say) to the contrary I would be happy to admit I was wrong. Keep in mind the new form factor was designed to cool down the next generation of Intel chips. I don't think users of AMD chips get anything out of it.
  4. Hi, I have to say I'm impressed with the photos of the different systems in this thread but I do have a question. I've just put my kit into my stacker and (to be blunt) my cabling is a mess with controller, fan, power, and ATA cables all over the place. Your photos show hardly any cables (well most of the photos). Can someone give me a (newbie) reference to what I can do to hide mine or clean them up. Thanks
  5. I for one have run out of usable PCI slots due to all of the PCI risers that are installed though there are still MB PCI slots free. I have USB, Serial, Audio running from motherboard controllers as well as a fan controller for the CPU and don't have enough space to install the riser control for the crossflow fan. A simple accessory would be a face plate for the second power supply space (assuming you don't use it nor add fans) that could add 3 or 4 riser spaces. It also has the advantage that the risers then don't prevent some PCI slots from being used.
  6. In addition to the stacker I got 2 additional 4in3 units so I can load it up with disks (my current system has 5 and I plan to put in an additional 4) and a cross flow fan. Once I have the 3 4in3's installed with the floppy and DVD drive I'll be using all the slots. Even with the case empty I've had a little trouble getting the front mesh off and have had to poke them from behind. With the system loaded is there an easy (or otherwise) method of removing the mesh when there is no rear access? I have quite a few connections on the back of my PC using the PCI risers and would prefer not to connect the the crossflow fan one as to do so would mean disconnecting one of the others. Obviously I would have no space on the front of the stacker for another control. Can I just connect the crossflow to one of the motherboard fan controllers (I have a giga-byte 8KNXP Rev1)? Or failing that can I just connect it to the power supply with a resister so it won't always be running on high? My board also only has two connectors for 4 of the 6 front USB ports. With the lack of PCI slot space I can't put in another PCI USB card. Can someone give me a reference to some instructions to mod a small USB hub that I could hide in the case connected to one of my motherboard connectors and drive 4 of the USB slots? Thank You
  7. The fact that you asked for black and they supplied silver is sufficient reason for the exchange. Them telling you to contact the manufacturer is just a means of them fobbing you off. If they still try anything tell them you will refer it to consumer affairs.