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  1. I meant how to reach the probe connectors. but thanx I already dismanteled the CD6 and noticed one of the probes was disconnected now they are all functioning properly
  2. how can you switch the probe? yesterday all the 4 probes were working fine but the hdd cooling fan was giving errors, so I dismanteled the botom of the CD6 and repaired the not rotating fan. maybe the probe got disconnected.
  3. Noe Iv'e got annother problem, the 4th temp detector reads 0°C does this mean its broken?
  4. I found it without help! it displayed comm 1 but it wass comm 4 thanks for the info
  5. maybe you cold add a volume button between it from a headset.
  6. Hi, I have installed the cooldrive 6, but when I attach the usb mobo connector the program doesnt read the fan speed and temps. it also doesnt work with the idle message. if I connect the other usb cable in a normal usb port it also does nothing I installed the pl-2303 driver. could anyone help me?