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  1. OK, Here's one for you. I heard about getting a pair of power supplies working if you ran the 24-pin cable from one, and the 4-pin cable from another. I have an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe, and that didn't work. But get this. The Asus board has a standard 4-pin connector on the motherboard (you know - the one that you usually use to power a CD/DVD/PATA drive)? Connect the second power supply to that connector, and it will fire up when you hit the on switch. I currently have an A8N-SLI Deluxe running with 2xEnermax Noisetakers (1x475W, 1x370W). Works a treat.
  2. Thanks bigbadbns, it sounds as though all we have to do is wait a little while and Coolermaster will deliver the goods. I appreciate that the market for this might initially be quite small, however since 24-pin is the new standard, the number of people requiring this connector is likely to increase, while the demand for the 20-pin version is likely to decrease. Pretty soon the Stacker will ship with 24-pin as standard. As a case supplier (amongst other things), I'm sure you appreciate that many people buy a new case to put new hardware in, as well as rehousing old kit. As for the cost, what does the 20-pin cable cost? And please don't feel that you have to pay us royalties for suggesting the idea :-)
  3. I've also had no luck finding an adaptor to run two 24-pin power supplies to a 24-pin motherboard. Assuming for a moment that we want an elegant solution, rather than 2x24-20 pin adaptors followed by a 20-24 pin adaptor, can anyone post a link to the required cable? I've also contacted Coolermaster support, and have had no response. The Stacker is a great case - all I need is one tiny cable and it'll be perfect.