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  1. wow. that is perhaps the coolest case ever. you gonna do any major cut mods?
  2. I have a 3 y/o gateway. I'm going to be building a new computer soon but for the time being I'd like to buy my stacker/new PSU and stick this build in it. But will a microatx fit in the Stacker ?
  3. ok good so the stacker is black like the early pics showed. That newegg photo makes it look weird.... I almost changed my mind
  4. um Newegg is THE online computer retailer... they're the best and thats why there stuff has such great prices. But yeah IS the pic on Newegg correct? I was expecting the Sundial pic too, the solid smooth black versus the dark metallic grey....
  5. How about NewEgg? or SVC? (my two fav retailers)
  6. Circotech is out. FrozenCPU is EXPENSIVE. Who else gots dem?
  7. TheMiNd

    Blue Stacker case

    I like the black one, but blue ... nah I'll buy black
  8. there are more fan controllers than fans
  9. Thanks to Bryant, Coolermaster beats all the other company sites I've been. These forums are a wonderful tool and its a pity more companies don't use them to communicate with their customers.
  10. I'm looking into replacing the fans that come with the coolermaster stacker with something more powerful. Can the 120x25mm fan in the rear and the fans in the 4-in-3 module be replaced with 120x38mm fans?
  11. Once you go black you'll never go back