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  1. Do the current batches of HAF X still use USB3 pass-through or do they have header now? If not, will CM change that in the near future to use header for HAF X?
  2. I really like the new features found in the new HAF X, such as the 2 front 5.25 hotswap hard drive bays, 9 expansion slots, USB 3.0 and wheel feet. I think the 2 front hotswaps and the 9 expansion slot are the most important key features. Will we start seeing this in the next ATCS tower? I want to see a lot of the features found in HAF X in the ATCS line.
  3. Have a 200mm fan would not make it a HAF. Its only a fan.... O.o but a fan with high CFM, low rpm, and very quiet! We all know its all about marketing. If CM did put a 200mm fan in the front, it would essentially replace HAF922 completely, which would be bad for business. That's OK, I understand.
  4. First off, why is the front fan only 140mm? HAF922 mid tower has a 200mm fan for the front. Can I fit a 200/230mm fan in the front? CM690 II is a nice tower BTW, but if you guys could have fitted a 200mm fan in the instead of 140mm, I think you guys should have done so. Low RPM with high CFM is more important.
  5. Sidepanel fans do very little with GPU temps. Most video cards (upper-entry to highend) cooling is closed and one-way. Intake through one end (usually near front) and exhaust in the back. That is why such cards are double-space thick with exhaust vents on the back. And sidepanel fans may disrupt airflow of the case and may increase temps in some cases. The only way I see side panel fans affecting GPU temps if the video card has an open-ended HSF (found in most low to mid-entry GPUs). So far, rear GPU exhaust setup like in ATCS 840 does a better job with GPUs than sidepanel fans since it creates a sort of push-pull airflow. That's something I miss a lot when I change my tower from ATCS 840 to CM 690 II Advance. Its all about consistent airflow, not number of fans.
  6. When will CMstore restock on 690 II Advanced window?
  7. Are all dust filters easily removable for easy clean like ATCS840? I am also concerned about the dust filters at the bottom and PSU mount area, are they easily removable for easy cleaning?
  8. CM 690 II advance is very impressive. I currently own a atcs840, and when I look at the 690 II Advance, I would consider II Advance an upgrade compared to 840.
  9. So CM, when are you going to put a hard drive dock on the ATCS 840 like what you did with the CM690 II Advanced? I'm really impressed by your newly release CM690 II Advance. However, I don't like the fact that an entry level tower has more and has better features than your 2x more expensive flagship tower ATCS840. Not trying to sound like a stuck-up. >.> Please devise some sort of mod/attachment/dock for the ATCS840.
  10. In that case, I think the ceiling fans are not much use. I find that keeping them turned off dropped my temps by a few degrees. I just leave them off and just allow heat to passively escape. If I need to turn them on, I use a voltage dampener from Noctua fans to make the ceiling fans spin at a much slower rpm.
  11. So... where is the ATCS-840 side vent? I'm still waiting. And I rather not mod it myself, because I rather have it professionally done by its creators. I know the side vent is coming, if CM did not have plans to make one, better get your acts together and make one. You guys don't even need to attach a fan, just make the proper cut outs for 120mm/140mm (or maybe larger) while keeping the clean ATCS decor. Hint Hint* Consumer = ME want to patron a product you guys should have been making long time ago. CHOP CHOP slackers. Great tower BTW.
  12. What is that tape/padding on the PSU bay called? I would like to find more of it at my local hardware store.
  13. To Cooler Master, Will there another redesign of ATCS-840 ceiling panel to accommodate customers who to only using 1 fan? While having 2 fans is a novel idea and we can debate whether internal negative air pressure is good or bad till the cows come home, I think there are a lot of customers who bought CM-840 ended up using just 1 fan. And those of us who only use 1 fan mainly, do so mainly because we want positive internal air pressure and/or mount the PSU on the top. Rather then just turning off one of the ceiling fans and exposing the top to dust and dirty, could you guys make another ceiling panel and/or make a ceiling cover/enclosure for those who don't use both fans? Thanks! This tower is too good, it needs more options (aftermarket or otherwise)!