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  1. cworld.com.au are getting a bunch in this week, both black AND silver ones. I put down my deposit for a black one and it costs $240, which is pretty standard price. Very nice and helpful, much better service than CPL and will match CPL price.
  2. Hey, got some information back from pccasegear! They said black CM Stackers would be in within 2-3 week! They also didn't call me "Sir" which is good, and the price for the silver is reasonable, so the black shouldn't be too far off. Yaaaay!!! Much happiness
  3. Will Australia see any black CM Stackers soon? *prays*
  4. I realised Australia doesn't actually HAVE any CM Stackers... what are my chances of ever seeing one here?
  5. CooL Blooded, thanks for confirming their purpose! I fig. it was drive rails or similiar like that... only problem is mine are rusty as :), there's no Cooler Master place I can contact in Australia and the seller tells me it's the manufacturer's responsibility!! I'm surprised these weren't included in the inventory of my manual... bit of an oversight. Still tossing up between black or silver. Nobody else has this case, esp. in black. Oh and the "notify me when a reply is posted" email never ever came. Gah!
  6. Hi everyone, yeah, I'm a poor newb here, building my first very own computer! I just bought a silver CM Stacker yesterday (they gave me SILVER when I asked for BLACK damn them!) and now I've got a few questions. 1. I got these various plastic black side fixing plates, and also TWO METAL ones. What are these 2 metal ones for? Also, mine came RUSTY can you believe it?! My BTX plate (the long thin metal thing) also came really scratched up (but not rusty thankfully). Enough grounds to exchange the whole thing? The seller tells me to contact the manufacturer, but there's no number I can call in Australia... 2. I'm still trying to decide between silver and black. Which one will show scratching more easily? How does the black look? I'm afraid it'll have this very fake sort of paint on it... can anyone post a close up picture of the black sides/top? Thanks for any help you guys can give this poor girl... you really know your stuff