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  1. Is it possible to replace the quick disconnects with just regular hose barbs? Has anyone done this?
  2. Based from what I found out: Question (1) A: If you are referring to the quick disconnects on the ag unit, if you overly turn the aq unit to the side or up and down and so forth and put pressure on the connectors, it will leak. I would think that if the quick disconnectors are not straight in line, overtime it will leak. Best to keep the lines and quick dis- connectors straight and have no pressure on the quick disconnects. Question 2() A: I asked about hose lengths too. Some responded by saying that its better to have it shorter for better cooling, and it would also be better for the pump.
  3. skw

    Aquagate tubing size

    Just want to verify if the inside diameter of the aquagate tubing is 1/4 inch?
  4. Thanks for your responses. I really like the hoses that came with the aquagate. Its so rigid that it seems hard to kink them.
  5. I Just installed my new aquagate for my XPC shuttle. This thing is way better than the stock ICE heatsink that was in the shuttle. The ICE had a hard time with the heat that the prescott puts out. I have a 3.2E @ 3.6 right now. This aquagate fits the shuttle perfectly. Does the length of the aquagate hoses affect the cooling? Right now I left the hoses long just in case if I want to relocate the aquagate away from the shuttle. Thanks...