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  1. I really loved this project. It was so awesome how you put it together and got all the details in.
  2. Awesome work! I liked your digital camo paint as well as this mod (urban camo paint). I liked how you used the dark red on the other mod. This mod was very awesome.
  3. Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest

    Overclocking Started
  4. Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest

  5. Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest

    Paint the reservoir Used Burnt Copper by Duplicolor Metalspecks.
  6. Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest

    Flame Grill from MNPCTECH.COM 80mm size. I used my dremel and shaved off the sides that are used to attach the grill. Next I will paint it satin black and my reservoir burnt orange.
  7. Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest

    SMALLER PICTURES SORRY I spray painted only the grey plastic panels with high gloss Black krylon fusion. I did not have to wet sand them too much. but i did put rubbing compound on them and then i put on hand glaze and then finished with carnuba wax. The plastic pieces were harder to paint due to the spray paint. i dont have a spray gun. but despite that, they did turn out fine.
  8. Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest

    SIDE PANEL MOD Took off the side fan and painted the panel with high gloss black krylon spray paint. wetsand, 3m compound, and 3m hand glaze on side panels. added 1/8" smoke plexiglass drilled holes for location. cut hole for fan with dremel. added Xigmatek 120mm fan with FLAME grill by MNPCTECH.COM THen I found a buffalo vinyl sticker on EBAy and used it plus I am waiting for new Dakota letters from EBAy.
  9. Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest

    WATER COOLING DANGER DEN XFLOW Radiator Zalman Fan Controller, LG Blu-Ray player, XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay Reservoir - Black
  10. Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest

    MORE PARTS MSI 790FX-GD70 Motherboard OCZ DDR3 RAM 8GB (sets of Dual Channel DDR3 10666 1333Mhz AMD Edition RAM) WINDOWS VISTA ULTIMATE 64 BIT 2 graphics cards in Crossfire HD4850 Sapphire 1GB DDR3 Ram OCZ Memory fan cooler
  11. Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest

    Purchased a aluminum billet fan grill from MNPCTECH.COM I sanded and painted it semi-gloss black spray paint. I used a xigmatek case fan with this attached to my HDD cage. I spray painted the HDD cage black and adjusted the HDD Cage so it would fit forward in the case and screwed it down. See picture above of fan on with gril.
  12. Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest

    FOR THE FRONT PANEL I decided to make A Dakota logo or dakota panel for the front. I needed space to hide the water pump behind it. I took two cosmos front panels apart plus I used my dremel to put them together to make one panel. I Did not have any sheets of aluminum. So. I looked around the house and found an old aluminum cooking pan. I took the pan and cut off the sides. I used some of my dad's tools and hammered it flat. Use blue tape to draw out the Dakota on the front. So once I had it all shaped out and attached to my new plastic mod frame. I then kept sanding and using primer. I used flat black spray paint. I used a small LED orange set from FROZENCPU.COM attached to the back. I took the screen and spray painted with burnt the orange colors will look more orange. I have a modded picture of it while it is turned on. THIS IS NOT THE FINISHED PC.
  13. Project Dakota PC: 2009 Mod Contest

    More pictures.