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  1. Hi Ron, Sorry for my comments about CM support. I think this is an isolated case where i did not get an answer, becos my complete PC was not working and I could not play Unreal Tournament for 2 days. This caused my aggressive feelings to stand up BTW: I have connected 3 CD drivers, 3.5" diskdrive, a 6800 Ultra, 2x WD Raptors, 1x WD Caviar, and 4 12cm fans to the slave PSU. But it still turns off, I thought this should be enough. Coming week I'm gonna buy 4 other hard drives and gonna connect them all to the secondary PSU too. I hope this is enough load. I'll keep you guys up to date and thanks all for the support and your time.
  2. bigbadbns, Thanx for your reply. I have tried this and connected the P2 (+12V) / 4 pin connector of the secondary PSU to the mobo. And this did not change the fact that the sec. PSU went off in about 2 sec again. Do you have any other suggestions? BTW: I have reviewed my opinion about CM support. And am really greatfull for your help.
  3. Hi guys, Can someone answer my question pls? thanx in advance
  4. Super thanx for your reply Ok, i've connected both the sata connectors but the sec. PSU still turns it self off after 2 sec. Or must I connect the 3.3V on the ATX connector? if so how/to where ? becos the connector on the motherboard is already used by the primary PSU. Pls advice
  5. Guys, I am a die-hard CM fan. The products are superb, but I have noticed that the support is really terrable. I have mailed more then 10 times to the support mail and posted this message and still dont get any usefull answers. You can see this as a complaint. If this continius like this and i dont get any support I will never EVER buy a CM product....... Does CM have a support department?????
  6. Thanx for your reply. I see that only the SATA Power connectors and HCI connector has 3.3 V. Do you think this is enough load (both SATA conn + HCI) ? Pls help?
  7. Hi, Yesterday I've bought CM Stacker with 2 Realpower 450 W PSU's. With the parallel cable both PSU's are connected. When I power up my PC the slave power PSU stays on for about 2 secs and turns back off again. I've swapped the slave and master PSU's but this has the same effect: The slave PSU always goes off after 2 secs. I've only connected my VGA card (V999 6800 GE) and random other devices (harddisk etc). But this also has no effect. Tried other power cables, power sockets. Alle no change. The parallel cable seems working ok (i've mesured the green and black cables and both are connected). System specs: AMD Athlon 64 3400 Asus K8V SE Deluxe 1024 MB RAM (Crossair) Asus V999 6800 Gamers Edition Asus DVD drive Asus CD Rewriter Panasonic DVD rewriter 2x WD Raptor 36 GB WD 160 GB Caviar Creative Audigy 2 Pinnacle TV Card Stereo Can someone pls help me?