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  1. dose any one kno the spec of the mesh thats is on the case itself? is it the same as this mesh as this mesh?
  2. mewandwing

    CM 690 II Adv

    Has anyone tried to put a evga SR-2 in thats chassis. if you have can you explain how you got that mobo in that case
  3. mewandwing

    haf X

    do you know when it is going to be back into stock and is there any way that i can order them now and have them on hold?
  4. mewandwing

    haf X

    is there any way to buy just the drive bay locks?
  5. can you replace the fan with any other fan that is the same size?
  6. so the rubbler gromment is the same size as for haf X
  7. will the HAF X Rubber Cable Grommets fit in the Cosmos S MB Tray?
  8. What is the range of voltage does the fan can operate at? what is the lowest that the LEDs would run on?
  9. Can the two side fit on the opposite side? Like can the Right be on the left, etc.
  10. can the dragon on the side panel come off easy? Like a sticker
  11. mewandwing

    HAF-X Question

    sorry about the mis-spelling on funs it meant to be fans.
  12. mewandwing

    HAF-X Question

    can the support the V8 cooler with out moving or moding any funs???