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  1. Tks alot Titanx, despite I figured out myself yesterday while I was tweaking my PC what I was trying to know about voltage readings. But reaaly tnk u for ya table, it really is a great help. Tks again for aLL reply's.
  2. Hi there, I'd like to know how to really read the data that such softwares provide on the +3.3, +5 and +12Volt Rails. I use the Asus Probe 2 and I read gennerally 12.099 on the +12V rail ; 5.16 on the +5V rail & 3.296 on the +3.3V rail. What does it mean(?), since the 12.099 is above +12, 5.16 is above +5 and 3.296 is below +3.3. If the reading on the rail is above the rail itself, does it mean it's taking more power than the PSU can provide or does it mean that the PSU has more power available. Thank U in advance for ya help since it really is important to me to correct read the data about system's peripherals.