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  1. Where are we on the replacements/fixes? Anyone get anything done yet?
  2. Heh.. I would not recommend powering a system like that with 2x350W I tried.. and failed. If you want to power your aerogate with a 350W great but I recommend you DO NOT consider powering the motherboard and/or 2 6800's sharing power from 2 PSU's. It's not safe and it's not what the case was designed with 2 PSU slots for, I found that out from personal experience. Do not mix power from 2 power supplies to components on the same "grid". You're not going to be happy with a 350W powering two 6800 Ultra's, you will probably be fine with the 2 6600's though. I ran my 2 6800GT's and all compnents off one 350W Phantom for a bit but I didn't stress it out at all. (Those can get hot too )
  3. Wow... I had the same *FLASH* and some smoke from my setup as well. I knew it had something to do with the connector but after the other issues I'd had with this Stacker case I'd chalked it up as a loss. Thankfully I didn't fry any components in the process (or I'd have pursued this issue a lot further), probably due to the fact I had the connector (where I saw the flash tucked away into the very front of the case aginst the HD bays.) ((edit; This was not the adapter but an unidentified connector, fan I think)) All I had done was install a couple extra case fans in the front, no major components, hit the power and the fireworks began.. I quickly ripped both power cables out the back... who knows what it could have led to. Long story short... 2 PSU shelved, went out and bought a single. Personally... I don't think CM did the research on correctly implementing this "feature". They definately didn't go out of their way to provide warnings or instructions.. just pretty pictures of everything working together well. I'm sorry for your loss... I was pretty panicked obviously with my stuff... 2x BFG 6800GT's, 2x 350W phantoms, Athlon XP 4k, 4 raptors... etc etc... I'm going to pay closer attention to the cases I buy in the future and be a little more wary of CM, the gfx slots not cut right, the dents in the top and this poorly thought out psu connector.. that about does it for them in my book. It's just not worth it.
  4. Fast yes, screaming not too bad thankfully. I really like those NVSilencers I got. There's my 3dmark05 - 8795
  5. You all have such pretty cases. The rat lives in the lower right.
  6. Sorry the the not quite perfect angle and glare. Here's a picture of me having an similar issue with the A8N-SLI and a couple of BFG 6800 GT OC's The alignment of everything just seems to be a little off. I assure you the mobo is mounted properly.
  7. Because when the Stacker was released, 24 pin PSUs weren't used that much. Read what Bryant said. Neither was BTX yet they made this case for BTX, which is all 24-pin. Wish they'd just own up to it.
  8. There's me, the person who started this post and the guy who sits next to me at work whose waiting to buy this case and do the same thing as I am. So that's 3... and I didn't really even try. I guess that depends on how big of a market CM wants to sell this case into. I know the systems this dual power supply case is marketed to are high end, the majority who buy this case I shall assume have plans for water cooling, SLI or whatever and can use the additional power/stability. Look at how many of these cases you've sold I guess. Intel sure thinks so.
  9. exactly my point and that's why i ask how many will purchase. HQ will not develop any product for a small, 100 users, group of people. Imagine the tooling cost to make one of those cable. This is a little ridiculous. This case claims it supports BTX too. Do you know how many pins the BTX power connector uses? (here's some pictures from Computex if you want to count yourself ) And the newest ATX standard... 100's of users??? I can't believe you're going to argue there isn't a big enough 24 pin audience (It's not just AMD, it's Intel too)... be a little forward thinking.. since obviously you're trying to market products that are.
  10. Main part of the market doesn't require 2 PSU's either Know your audience.
  11. 1. How many are using the new 24-pin platforms with this case... 2. Pay for it? Don't market functionality if you can't support the standards. Edit: How about I mail you back the 20-pin one
  12. Ya you sent me that link before... Those are just adapters.. as the previous post stated: "Assuming for a moment that we want an elegant solution, rather than 2x24-20 pin adaptors followed by a 20-24 pin adaptor, can anyone post a link to the required cable?" That site does not provide an elegant solution.
  13. I ran into the same issue, I've searched everywhere, nobody makes a cable for what we need. I also recieved no offical reply from Coolermaster, one person on the boards here said that they were working on one. Working on the black side window for our case too! Good luck... Coolermaster lost a lot of respect from me for not handling these simple issues.
  14. Funny I have repeatedly sent emails to that support email and never recived anything more than an automated response.