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  1. Hey all, So I'm looking at getting the Cosmos 2 for my next upgrade (pretty much a new system). I'm making my first dive into the water cooling world as well. The only thing I've been hearing and am worried about is the clearance between a top mounted radiator and the motherboard. I have a thread over at EVGA ( that details the parts I currently have. I was wondering what the clearance is on this case, so I can determine I'f I can support a push/pull fan setup. My radiator is a 360mm Black Ice Stealth GT, which is 29.6mm thick. Thanks all
  2. Cool, this'll definitely be easier to manage than my stacker 830
  3. Alright, but I won't need to mod the case to route them there?
  4. I saw in a youtube video that a builder got the front panel wires behind the motherboard tray area somehow. I don't know if the headers start back there or not, but if they don't, how would I get the cables back there with no modding of the case? Also where would you recommend stowing away the front connectors I don't need?