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  1. Right some good news hopfully. I've been asked to email 2 people at CM directly about this issue and provided a link to this thread in the email so they can see the photo's. I'm going away tomorrow morning so hopefully if i don't recieve a reply tonight there'll be one waiting for me when i get back.
  2. wow... you really are good. I'm suprised that the plastic isn't difficult to work with as power grinding/cutting tools generate a lot of heat. I've never been able to get a clean cut with a jigsaw, even using decent blades, but then again i'm not as talented as you when it comes to this stuff!
  3. my sister does engraving, she been doing it for years has all the propper kit n stuff. I never thought of putting the 2 together. I doubt that you can etch plastic though as I think it'll just melt and not look anywhere near as good. You definately wouldn't get the frosted effect. My sister etches/engraves allsorts, glass (vases, glasses etc) metal etc. I know how difficult it can be. Dude you have got some SERIOUS TALENT!!! How many mistakes did you make? how many mirrors did you go through before you got it perfect? I assume you've been doing this sort of thing for a while, if not then you've got even more talent than i thought!!!! Nice work!!! I'm sure you could make a pretty penny out of it too!!
  4. Right, I sent an email today to tech support regarding this matter. Had the confirmation through. Waiting for someone to get back to me.
  5. right, no reply from Friday. Lets hope something will come of it tomorrow (Monday). Please CM HELP!
  6. well i was quite suprised when i opened my case.... there were about 7 of them.... I told them all to stop hasseling me, no more autographs, no more song requests, no more. They're still there i think....
  7. hmmm.... I'm still waiting. It's 2230 here, so if USA is generally around 5hrs behind GMT then it should be around 5pm there.
  8. wow that coarse??? i don't even have that in my lapping kit!!!
  9. so any suggestions what grade i should start on? Hypothetically that is, as i'm still waiting for someone from CM to say something.
  10. well it's proper HSF Lapping kit and it does tell you to use it wet and with a bit of washing up liquid too for better results. So it should be wet paper.
  11. Raptor... Seeing as you're the lapping expert on this forum and you've seen a few photos of the type of scratchs i have... what paper would you reccomend i start with, if i decided to lap? this is the lapping kit i've got: it comes with these papers: - 1/4 sheet of 400 grit sandpaper - 1/4 sheet of 600 grit sandpaper - 1/4 sheet of 800 grit sandpaper - 1/4 sheet of 1000 grit sandpaper - 1/4 sheet of 40 micron sandpaper (yellow) - 1/4 sheet of 25 micron sandpaper (green) - 1/4 sheet of 20 micron sandpaper (blue) - 1/4 sheet of 15 micron sandpaper (peach) - 1/4 sheet of 10 micron sandpaper (light green) - 1 5"x6" rectangle of glass and i'll be using AS5.
  12. i sense tension in this thread.... which should be there. Raptor, no-one's having a go at you. You're perfectly within your right, and to all extents and purposes i'd probably go and do just what you say, and i was about to as well. But after posting this thread the majority of people suggested I that I RMA. If you look at my initial post, you'll see that I was intending to just lap it and be done with it. However, tampering with goods in that way voids the warrenty; and as far as I am aware if you told the manufacturer that you recieved it and it was damaged and still used it they (even though you fixed it) WILL they'll tell you they won't be held responsible for it if anything goes wrong, which may be highly unlikely, but there is always the chance that it might do. If it does balls up you'd be stuck out of pocket and Cooler Master will tell you it was your own fault for using a faulty product. I've just bought a new CPU, ok it's no £500/$900 P4EE, but it still cost me £130/$250 which to me is a lot of money. If my CPU gets too hot and goes arse over tit because it probably got too hot, I can't afford to replace it. My intention here is not to wind people up, especially consumers, but to make a point and get my problem sorted by CM. Quality checks have obviously not been carried on these two HSF's. My concerns with Novatech is with their delivery procedure, they merely ship bulk buy HSFs and sell them. It's not their problem if it comes packaged and is damaged, twice. I have discussed this issue outside the forum and have had some interesting feedback. Everyone says that I shoud replace it. One person asked whether I took down the batch number (if there was one) of the 1st HSF i recieved. He said maybe one of the machines (lathe etc) might have been setup incorrectly for this particular batch, and just maybe Novatech were unlucky enough to have all of thiers coming from that same batch?? Who knows? Cooler Master, that's who! Hopefully someone from CM will post up something positive today.
  13. Well, there goes the problem again, yes i could fix it, but it should be there. If i just sat back and said oh it's fine, just make sure you don't do it again...i'm sure a lot of places wouldn't bother to rectify their problems. If you buyt a TV for instance and it's not working like it should be. Maybe there's a button missing on the remote. Would you just get a spare button and fix your new remote? I thought us british people are always acused of being too reserved The whole point is that it shouldn't have come like that in the 1st place, but i was managing my anger and i let it pass. I've used CM stuff before and it's been fine. So ok, i've just happened to have gotten a dud component, just my unlcuky day. But then again the replacement was damaged in the same way. It's not about packaging. It's about the manufacturing process. I assume that the protective sticker placed there soon after the HS has been machined??? And i assume that it's done by an automated process??? if it is done by hand then surely the person should have been able to see it's not worthy for being shipped out. I would have been fine paying less for this HSF if it was sold as a B-grade component and lapping it. I don't pay for something and expect it to not work as it's meant to. I'm quite suprised that you said you'd fix the paint work on the car yourself. You must be loaded or summat if you can afford to pay for something sold at new prices thats not actually upto scratch (excuse the pun).
  14. This reminds me of some Timberland shoes i bought some years ago. I day after i bought them i wore them out, just walking around the streets, and they developed a tear. I took it back to the shop and they said they didn't have any more in branch and that i'd have to go to another city to get them replaced. They said it's better to get in touch with Timberland. I called Timberland and want to know what the guy said??? "It's not my problem mate..." After a lengthy conversation of me trying to explain to him that they were timberland shoes and faulty and the issue needed to be dealt with they he said "look i don't care, not my problem" It was like talking to a brick wall. I told him i'd be calling Trading standards, he said "yeah yeah, go on whatever..." and hung up on me. I was outraged by his behaviour. I scoured the Timberland website and found an email. I told them the whole problem, including what the UK Timberland representive said. Lo and behold, half a day later i got a call from someone with an American accent. It was someone from HQ in USA. He apologised, and had arrange to have a few pairs sent to me in compensation. Maybe i should do this with CM? or maybe i should get straight in touch with trading standards and some other consumer groups? Would that please CM? One faulty component fair play (:) happens), but two with the same fault on a crucial area... It is totally unacceptable.
  15. it's the principle. If you buy a car and find a scratch when it's delivered would you just go down to your local motor shop and buy a scratch filler??? No. I know you're going to say that buying a car costing 1000's of £/$ isn't comparable to HSF costing £30/$70... but like i said it's the principle!!! i'm buying an important component, it plays a crucial role in a PC. And the most crucial part of that crucial component is the contact area. Now if i lap this component i'll be vioding the warrenty, fine if i choose to do it myself. But if i have to lap becuase it isn't in prime condition on reciept, well that's just not right is it? Another car analogy... if you want to increase performance on a car your bore the engine through to increase flow. You void any manufacturers warrenty by doing that. That's fine, you've chosen to do it yourself. If you have to bore that engine though cuz it's worn out and void the warrenty by doing so. And how is it not CM's fault??? They make the HSF's, they ship them out. And they should quality check them before the packaging process (before putting the protective sticker on). What is the point of the protective sticker if the contact area is already damaged???
  16. you're bloody well telling me!!!! COOLER MASTER... I want you to sort this out ASAP!!! I'm not going back to NOVATECH for another replacement they'll just send me out another DUD and i don't have time for that. Why did CM ship these HSF's out in this state in the first place anyway???
  17. oddly enough... it's arrived.... OK this time the inner packaging is properly sealed. just opening it.... oh for **** sake..... it's scratched!!! I don't believe this.. were novatech supplied all the duds? [/url]
  18. i don't really have time to do a test like that... I just want to get it over and done with. I am contemplating just putting it in like that without lapping as i'll be using AS5. The only reason why i considered lapping was that although the base is quite smooth, you can see that it has been machined in a circular pattern. The fine machine grooves are visible with naked eye. I'll post up some more pics when i get the heat sink through.
  19. this is the lapping kit i've got: it comes with these papers: - 1/4 sheet of 400 grit sandpaper - 1/4 sheet of 600 grit sandpaper - 1/4 sheet of 800 grit sandpaper - 1/4 sheet of 1000 grit sandpaper - 1/4 sheet of 40 micron sandpaper (yellow) - 1/4 sheet of 25 micron sandpaper (green) - 1/4 sheet of 20 micron sandpaper (blue) - 1/4 sheet of 15 micron sandpaper (peach) - 1/4 sheet of 10 micron sandpaper (light green) - 1 5"x6" rectangle of glass Which paper should i start on?
  20. yes hopefully.... Ok so who thinks the base is going to good enough for me not to lapp it with fine paper? I'll be using AS5 on it. I intend to rub some AS5 into the CPU sink and the HSF base and then wipe it off with a lint free clean cloth, then spread a very fine layer on the base of the HSF.
  21. oh man so annoyed..... Right he just said there's a replacement waiting to be dispatched since the weekend, "strange it's not been sent out already, i'll get it sent out today and you'll have it tomoorw" why? why? why? do they not communicate with each other?
  22. i always use overclocks, scan, ebyer and kustompcs, but on this occasion i decided to take a look at novatec to see if they had it cheaper which they did. that's why i went with them. I might give them another call actually.
  23. well all i know is that they are replacing it and i should be getting it in the post very soon, by the end of the week at the latest. (i hope) If it turns out to be a used unit or something I'm gonna flip!!! I wanted to rebuild my PC last weekend while my brother was still around. He wanted to know how to put one together. He's going this weekend so i had better get it by friday!
  24. just had phone call from my brother... Even though i'd given them my mobile number everytime i called and made it adament that i wanted to be called on that they still called me at home! They said it's been dispatched and will take upto 5days. If their 5 days is anything like their 5days when they delivered it 1st time round then i should have my new Hyper 48 either tomorrow or thusday.