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  1. Hello Everyone. The case I plan to modify will have a semi-futuristic design. But the look will still be very simple. The design focuses on different cable management.Which is had a prototype of the design of the BMW Vision EFFICIENT DYNAMICS which is the concept of the cars. The use of color on the back of the case is white and black. And designed to accommodate a water cooling system.
  2. My system to install in case. Cpu : Intel Dual Core E5200 Cpu Cooler : Cooler Master V8 Mainboard : Gigabyte EP45-Extreme Ram : Kingston Hyper X DDR2 Bus 1066 VGA : Palit HD4870 Sonic 512MB 256Bit Harddisk : Westen 320GB SATA2 Raid0 Power Supply : Gigabyte Odin 550W GT FAN : Cooler Master 120mm
  3. Then it's time for a different part of Toshiba attributed together.
  4. Take me to the vertical section of exermax. Can tell at the landscape industry has been able to adjust the fan. So easy to use.
  5. ater combined with the screen LCd put in the box 3.5 "to show the status of various machines.
  6. Later, with the striped side of the case the light pattern is protagonist.
  7. Then came the step I am the most stubborn case of milling this is made after the case lid. I can set the following. 1. Demonstrates a Thai art. A type of sheep in a stone. 2. To work hand-in edge side. 3. To use a different line to collect. 4. The difference is not unique. ********************** I could have designed a new side wall. Eha issued by the then new. If ordinary square cut. Nothing new I would come to no design pattern is a serpent. To show the beauty of art. This process is time-consuming process that most of all I have is that because the process is relatively very difficult to garner. To switch to sheep by laser.
  8. update 27/09/52 For side wall of the case. This is a clear lid to. I think that will put a logo into the middle to increase interest by using the laser inserted into the destruction of Acrylic.
  9. Back and forth update after 1-2 days to do the same definition of the case or when combined with various wires pass milling using cables 10 baht per meter (about 0.30 dollars) arrived. Match separate line out and then rip out the copper insert out ครับ. Then remove the sheaths that merge point add the line pass.
  10. Summary now deadline is the last day on which?
  11. Update now begin assembly of a different color pattern are close to will be any increase, but the problem has made a small version of the case is unable to successfully pass a call to see the same major version. But I have to edit line by to pass after the break. Translator to English By Google
  12. update 15/09/2009 i'm doing color and curve dimensional part right now. but the problem is the condition of the weather and the time is coming up hopefully I will get this thing done on time . \
  13. update 10/09/2009 , The LCD has some pierce on them. This LCD it make from my brother also them have minitor like 4 line to make show any status and also can use setting by your self as you like to transfer by port usb use as LCD Smarie program to make any setting for This's Display LCD Form My Brother.
  14. up date 07/09/2009 (not sure i'm gonna make it on time? ) the sheep is + , measure , + , pierce the some part ,
  15. Hello! , coolermaster , today This's my recent project , about the arts of Thailand way come to mix with , case , and the equipment of the way , coolermaster . , by my idea is arts lead in stripes writing comes to use , for , learn the news strange come out , and get mass media even if , ancient arts and advanced that apology car technologies have staied together divisibly , and will investigating substance gives the arts of Thailand to at know to add . case at I chooses to use is , coolermaster elite 334 , the lid beside clear. if , there is the error of the language must beg one's pardon with because , I not excellent the language . Completed