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  1. Delusion77

    CM Stacker 830 referb, NO SCREWS!

    Ill ask him for the order number as soon as I can contact him.
  2. Delusion77

    CM Stacker 830 referb, NO SCREWS!

    My friend bought one of the referb stackers that were on sale (the 830). It arrived, and it was just the case with no screws or standoffs (or anything else). I thought it would at least come with the motherboard mounting screws. I told him that motherboards are usually mounted with m3x5mm and drives with 6#32 x6mm (according to a case manual I have lying around) He is off to the hardware store to look for these these screws and some standoffs aswell. Should the case have come with these? or do referbs not include anything?
  3. Delusion77

    HAF X Why filters in top fans ???????

    I wouldn't say it has positive air pressure, but like you guys say, there is no reason for filters up there. I think they just put them on as the largest complaint with the 932 was the absolute exclusion of any filters.
  4. Delusion77

    Full 140 cm Fan Specs

    dont even bother looking at CMs own ratings as they are over exaggerated quite a bit.
  5. Delusion77

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus and .......

    well the hyper212+ is actually one of the best cpu coolers on the market. and costing $30 is half the price of its competitors. buying smart
  6. Delusion77

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus and .......

    Good choice in cooler. if your talking about a coolermaster case, get the CM690 II. if your wanting other cases, i think CM might be unhappy if i suggest
  7. Delusion77


    I would like to see a mid tower case similar to the ATCS840 and a mATX aswell
  8. Id just stick to buying Scythe fans, they are amazing. I noticed the specs were bull on those fans a while ago
  9. Delusion77

    Cooler Master CM 690 case mod

    Looks like this is gona be a sexy 1
  10. Delusion77

    Watercooled HAF 922 Project "HAF H311"

    nice build man! would not have bought that mobo but everything looks killer.
  11. Delusion77

    Fan setup for ACTS 840

    put the PSU at the bottom to allow it to draw in fresh air and exhaust right out of the case. Corsair wants you to mount the fan on the H50 so it pulls cool air into the system, you can do this since you have 2x230mm exhausts right above it.
  12. Delusion77

    HAF 932 fan connections - confused

    All the fans are super quiet, so you dont need the motherboard to slow down the big 230mms or the 140 for that matter. Id connect which ever fan is farthest away from ur motherboards fan header to the PSU . Just cheking your board VS mine (the original p6t dlx) as I have all my HAF connectors on the mobo- you have enough headers on the mobo. There are 5 in total, 1 CPU 4pin PWM , 1 Chassis 4pin PWM, 2 Chassis 3pin, and 1 PWR 3 pin. You can connect the case fans to any but the CPU PWM(well technically you can, but its meant for the CPU HSF). the chassis 4pin accepts 3 pin aswell, the PWR connector does not support voltage control
  13. I forgot how sexy the Stacker was
  14. Delusion77

    HAF 922 size + ATCS 840 looks

    Id like to see a midtower ATSC case for sure
  15. Delusion77

    Mini ITX gaming case?

    right now silverstone is king of this area with its sugo line (and new sg07). I think CM should make a mini ITX gaming case. It should be able to fit a normal size psu, a foot long video card and have decent ventilation. With the new p55 and h55 chips from intel, companies like zotac and DFI are making LGA1156 motherboards with x16 pcie slots - perfect for ultra compact gaming, but their arnt enough cases in this area. I think CM would be able to throw together a good ultra compact case.