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  1. where are the pics??
  2. is the best for me tis is some of the ppl C5 from SG ... /my_photos
  3. CM got competiton anually??
  4. 660rpm is :) of slow man....could ur fan be mulfunctioning??
  5. im slow...stacker got ver. 2 coming out??
  6. maybe u can giv ban leong a call since they r CM distro...ask them abt ur prob....then see can send anot
  7. not many C5 user here?? sad....
  8. Please show off all ur beautiful and efficient casing.... Strickly C5 casing pics onli... 1) derekliu 2) Mr Miyagi 3) brooney
  9. tats e best i can do.... i can onli put sata cables behind mobo since im not using sata hdd... e rest i really dunno how 2 hide...