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  1. Congratz dude, you also made it!!! nice nice=)
  2. congratz to all of you to, just got lucky, it was really tough, guess next year will be even tougher=)
  3. here are the final set of pictures thank you for dropping by=)
  4. @tantric thank you very much goodluck to you too sir, today is the last day of submission good luck everyone photoshoot, did't have enough time to collage it
  5. Thank you sir frozensnail. Actually planning to use clear tubing but i don't have any lying one here, just used what is available inside the shop but gladly you liked it=)
  6. Everything installed Right Perspective Left Perspective
  7. needed to tilt it up because still bleeding the loop.. installing leds and other peripherals
  8. installing my customized hose clip is a bit hard but it's worths its beauty=)