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  1. Show Us Your Cases!

  2. sana di mo na binigay link sir magkakaron pa ng ideeya yuung ibaa jann...baakaa maay gummaya pa..hihihi!
  3. The NVIDIA Cube PC

    impressive casemods!
  4. Reventon Sileo 500 (2009 Mod Contest Entry) Completed

    good move sir cham:)
  5. good move sir sunny...its better to remove your project here.."bakaa may makakoopyaa paa ehh..hehehehe!"
  6. Show Us Your Cases!

    @sir cham this one looks familiar...i think i saw that on tv?right?
  7. Show Us Your Cases!

    nice casemods asgneto!very creative!keep it up bro..
  8. Show Us Your Cases!

    79.9mb to download.. a poor man's rig
  9. Hyper TX3 Installation Problem

    Nope it's very easy to install except that for first timers you'll have a hard time finding out how to use the clips because there's no guide included in the package! for revision CM must include users guide to the package so that the newbie user wont have a hard time fixing/assembling the Hyper TX cooler..thanks sir cham..
  10. Hyper TX3 Installation Problem

    does it mean the hyper TX is not user friendly because it is not that easy to install?..
  11. Show Us Your Cases!

    Nice tank mod! Could the machingun spin? . gatling tank..
  12. Show Us Your Cases!

    nice mods frankie! same to you sir cham..
  13. Reventon Sileo 500 (2009 Mod Contest Entry) Completed

    sir cham..job well done sir!