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  1. replaced to extend the cover of the PSU plus cut holes for the extensions test fit and I also cut an 80mm fan and primed the case and replaced the bloated caps and shortened and crimped the wires test fit
  2. I will be using my pre modded SG05 sfx powersupply comparison with regular powersupply dismantled for the extensions and I got this from here
  3. exactly you have an awesome start I hope you do best on fiber casting I'm having troubles doing that such a headache
  4. I'm gonna save this decaying chassis lying here...
  5. my inspiration please don't mind the sig actually I bought these die cast so that I can have the actual detail of the bus We rarely see this bus here so I have to buy some of these in variety of scales
  6. ow, i really didn't notice to have same theme with you.. but best of lucks on both of us
  7. I'm expecting to see some hardcore heavy weights mod again
  8. Hi guys I just wanna share my Cooler Master Centurion 5 Mod The C5 Stealth Custom Side panel and Front panel Chassis modification to complete fit an ITX board Bottom mounted PSU with cradle hope you like it guys Thanks! Full gallery and other mod work
  9. C5 stealth (CoolerMaster Centurion 5 mod)
  10. extreme vents! hope i could find time to see that in person