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  1. The idea was great! Airflow will be maximized. But, wouldn't the fan be off-centered?
  2. Worklog transferred to my Homesite
  3. More Pentium1 AT form casemods running AMD 64 platform Full ATX setup! (PSU modified and relocated to the Bottom Front of the case)
  4. Pentium 1 AT setup to Athlon64 mATX capable Pentium1 case! with jepreyboy, one of my colleague in the show!
  5. yes it is PaPang! Chroming done by one of the biggest and most reputable shop here. they call it Hard-Chromed. Since they (Chroming shop) are the leader in their field I never had problems with the result! So expensive, the owner of the rig paid almost a hundred USD for the chroming service alone!
  6. Chrome Cosmos Replacement front acrylic panel Top Panel Modified the Fan Controller to fit in the space between the Door and Front Panel Side window cut Then Chrome Plated Innards The Final setup
  7. Same here asgneto! Love your showcase of modded PC's! Keep it up! And the nice attitude too!
  8. Nope it's very easy to install except that for first timers you'll have a hard time finding out how to use the clips because there's no guide included in the package!
  9. Thanks asgneto! I like your very detailed entry too!
  10. Same here longjohnmd! It took several hours to figure out how to install the clips! A friend saw the position of the clips in the illustration!
  11. That was the idea but the fan cannot hold on the weight of the minigun. So it functions only as a fan grill/guard. without the Tank Threads
  12. Chrome Apache mod for Elite333 Elevated the Acrylic thru bending to accomodate the CM V8 HSF(not shown) Wire management and Chrome polishing to follow!