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  1. do you know what stores ould have them? or what to look under? haven't been able to find any yet.
  2. I need a new temp probe for the cool drive 4. anyone?
  3. oooh, ok thanks! so know where I can get a new probe? lol
  4. i have a AMD64 3000+ LOL sorry my first comp i built and not really knowing much... Not sure if it has a heatspreader
  5. Where do I lace the probe for the CPU? I've placed it between the CPU and heatsink but after I turn on my comp the alarm goes off and the temp gauge says off. Ai first I thought maybe it was a defective unit so I exchanged it for a new one then tested again to make sure that the new one works before placing it in the same place but once I got it back together again it did the same thing! So can anyone help me?