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    Aquagate Temps

    MBM 5 Reports On-Die Temps. The Thermal Sensor for the Aqua-Gate has schewed temps (as do all "remote" temp sensors). Go with the MBM temps, those are coming from the chip itself. My temps are about 10 degrees C off from Aqua-Gate to On-Die. (As reported by my BIOS and from MBM5 on a AMD Barton 3200+)
  2. While I want to clear up any mis-conceptions about my post, I would truely be interested in an answer to my issue. The Aqua-Gate gives me adaquate cooling. Its convenent. However, is the Metallic Clicking noises I'm hearing eminating from the Console box (similar to a 1.44" floppy bay "CLICK") a sign that I'm going to wake up one night to the sound of my Thermal alarms going off when the system overheats and my CPU core slags out? I've seen answers that range from "Defective fans" to off-topic remarks pertaining to "alot of noise". Can I get a answer from the Coolermaster Reps, as this is where they send you instead of filling out an email form for "Tech Support". I understand the need to defend the product, as well you should. Its a good product. Its not exactly "noiseless" and the clicking it far more annoying than any fan drone I've dealt with in the past. Ideas? Suggestions? Comments?
  3. I recently purchased and installed the Aquagate Liquid Cooling System. The system works properly, keeping my temps well within the recommended temp ranges, however there is an odd "Clicking" sound coming from the system (Internal, 2 5.25 bay installation). It appears almost random and reminds me of the sound of a fan scraping, only not as frequently. Its a "tick" every few seconds, sometimes going for a few minutes without making the noise, and then resumes. This happens regardless of fan-seed, and increasing/decreasing the speed seems to have no effect, aside from being able to hear it more at lower fan speeds. I'm not at home at the moment, but I'm fairly sure its the Model A pump type (of the 3 that I remember being listed in the documentation). Any suggestions? I moved from a Thermaltake SLK-900a with a 92mm fan because of the noise issues, and frankly, this clicking is much more annoying than a steady fan drone