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  1. Whatever the outcome, I want to thank coolermaster for the excellent level in this competition and thank you for the opportunity to have participated, I am very happy for that. The media exposure and that this event has brought has been fantastic, think of how many people in the world no longer know us now guys?! I made new friends, contacts .. Yeah, I spent some anger, but it was a championship ... I knew I could go through situations like that when I signed up. I'm not giving up, maybe the next?! ... who knows?! I will participate again! While the next contest is announced, we'll see on the web! A hug for friends, congratulations to the winners, participants, to coolermaster and for all! See you soon
  2. Thanks my friend for your comment Un abrazo de su amigo brasileño!
  3. Cooler Master says in facebook: "The Casemod Comp is coming to a close people you have 6 days left to vote so make sure you visit the site and choose your favourite, please follow the link to vote or use the QR code attatched" Was the voting deadline extended?
  4. My first vote in this category Scrase is you Good luck to us!
  5. Thanks for the comment friend, unfortunately not everything I wanted to do was done, there was not time because of term. I have faith and hope of winning a prize with him...hopefully you enjoy my project. A hug from a friend in Brazil and thanks for the comment! La pintura es impresionante, créanme: un montón de trabajo. Un abrazo de un amigo brasileño!
  6. Thank you, thank God is giving everything right in this league! Good Luck to us!
  7. Vote for me! hahahah ( just kidding with a bit of truth) is actually the highest level this year.