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  1. Ah yea, sorry. I havent slept for 50 hours so my writing-part is kinda dead. Anyway, in the model B or C they have an Adaptor for the 110V Model (220V to 110V )
  2. Hello folks, i bought an Aquagate(ALC-U01)modela (110V). But i'm moving to Europe in about 6 months, europe uses 220V, now i know that coolermaster has a power-adapter for the Aquagate (220V to 110V), is there any way to get this power-adapter loose from buying a complete new water-cooling set? (I cant return my old cooling set)
  3. That sounds like a good idea, however im not a Engineer i have no idea what this all means. As you might know they have a power cable that goes between the real power cable and the PSU, and ends with a 8 looking connector. is it possible to put that thing between there somewhere. so my computer uses 220V and my aquagate 110V? I still want to hear some solutions from the coolermaster people, but i'm going to sort this out. Sounds like a good idea Johan, thanks!
  4. No there is not. There is only a adapter available for the 230V Model (that goes to 110V.) But i have the 110V Model
  5. by normal power source from the wall (like your PSU and Monitor) so not from the PSU itself
  6. U mean get 110V? That would be possible but what about lanparty's? Thats going to be impossible. I do have 220V Here in Japan but thats only at home. I wont be able to carry a 40KG heavy adapter arround.
  7. First of all lets introduce myself. My name is Nick and i live in Japan at the moment. I'll be moving back to Holland (Europe) in about 6 months. Ok lets start with my problem. I wanted to buy an Aquagate cooler because i want to build a silent computer. So i bought a Aquagate Luiquid Cooling system (ALC-UO1). I checked the box and it said "Universial Power input" so i thought. Ah! 110V Here in japan, ill be able to use it in Holland to (220V), WRONG. Or, i think thats not true because in the manual and on the other side of the box it sais "110V Input"... so i thought, 110V? thats not Universial. I did the usual thing, emailed Tech support but because its Christmas and newyear and all that stuff, they'll probably wont respond that fast as they usually do, and yes they DO respond pretty quickly (good job). So i went back to the store and they basicly told me to go away. They dont give back money for their sold products. Me with my stupid head not doing my research before buying a product, went back home with the package. So this wonderfull cooling system is doing nothing right now before i know what i can do with it (AC power wise). Also i've been reading about 3 models (A,B,C) Which model A Is the one i have (110V). But i didnt know that because i only could see the side with the detailed info on it (3 stacked Aquagates side). I have no idea what todo right now and im waiting for a positive and good solution for both of us (me, and you guys at Coolermaster) Nick.[/b]