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  1. Cooler Master offers the Mystique series that is Water-Cooler Ready. Check it out here. Mystique Series
  2. We have changed the LED's to Green. The new batches will all have Green LED's. devastator, I have just checked with my team, as of right now, that Nvidia case is only available in the USA.
  3. KitKatBar

    Cavalier 4

    THe PSU in the Cavalier 4 series are proprietary PSUs, they are made especially to fit the case, standard PSUs will not fit in the Cavalier 4 as it will not fit.
  4. What case exactly are you talking about? We don't have anything called the Black Widow. Do you have a model number or a name at least?
  5. If you do feel that the Power button could be a problem, depending on where you are located and when you bought the case - if it is within warranty - you can send a request to RMA department and after you get verified - they would be able to send you a replacement power button. If you don't want to wait - or it is out of warranty, you can check out the CM Parts stores - for either Europe area or USA.
  6. KitKatBar

    Can I use it?

    The CM Media 260 supports both ATX and micro ATX motherboards, as long as your motherboard fits one of those above, it would work with the 260.
  7. Glad you like the case. let us know how the mod goes!
  8. Sorry guys, they slipped that one right by me. They got a little too excited by the release and didn't let me proof read it before they send it out. Translation differences you know.
  9. Hello Logikal, Did you check your junk mail filter? or have you set "" to your SAFE list? Sometimes we are unable to send back the replies that are sent to us because of the junk mail filters. Worse is that some email services do not accept our emails at all, therefore even though our CS replies the email, the mail gets bounced back. Can you give me your email and I'll check with Customer Support to see if they received your emails?
  10. Hello all, I am one of the new Customer Supports for CM. At this current time, we do not have any side panel windows for the Centurion 531. And as for the Side Panel for the Centurion 5, it's only available as options (so if you're purchasing a case, look for one that's available with a side window) as the side panel can not be purchased separately. Hopes this helps clear up any confusions.
  11. Yup. Like the ones they have on the new cars? Dark Metallic Grey
  12. KitKatBar

    coolermaster fan

    ohhh...haha i feel dumb.
  13. KitKatBar

    coolermaster fan

    Why is the topic called "Cooler Master Fan" if everyone's asking about web banners? Eh oh well.... Hybrid-Mods, - hope you like the banners!!
  14. I like the aqua and the Red. Cool~ Come on people, vote, so we can get some new colors!!