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  1. I've got an AMD 64 3400+ (that works at about 2400Mhz) I've overclocked it at 2645Mhz by EasyTune4, a program provided with my Gigabyte M/B... The temperature is 29°C at starting, and 38°C after 10 hours of work... Special thanks to my ULTRA VORTEX... It works very fine... However, I would like to overclock more my cpu as such as possible... Have you ever tried to overclock a 64-bit CPU? What are your methods? And your results?
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    Hi boys! That's my first post... I wanna to mod the left panel of my cabinet with some flames in plexiglas but i don't have any idea where to find some example pictures... Do you have some photo with panels cutted with flames? If yes, post 'em! Thanks and sorry for my english...